Monday, October 3, 2016

Did you know.... That there is a Prophet on the Earth today?!?! Blessin'

Wow was conference good or what? My favorite talk was by Elder Uchtdorf, of course, but it was so good! We are seriously so blessed and do we realize it? Do we take it for granted? Eternal families, priesthood, a living Prophet and 12 apostles, scriptures, and just wow!! We are the most blessed people on the Earth and I just wanted to let ya'll all know that!!! So clearly I really enjoyed conference!!!

Monday... So after Pday we had an interesting encounter! We were headed to someones house and there was a man on the street we stopped to talk to! He had some very interesting beliefs! But he was nice! After we went to try someone but they weren't home so we went tracting and.. MIRACLE!!! We were just knocking doors we felt good about and talking to people outside! Well we get to the last house on the street (4th floor, last door anyone?!)! Anyways, we knocked on the door and this lady comes out in a rush and says she doesn't have time! Sister Bedwell gives her a card and we leave! Well we get to the end of the street and decide to walk back up the street! Well this guy comes out of that house we knocked and starts up the street, but he sees us and comes walking up. He asked if we were the church people! He said he had been taught by missionaries before, in 2010! He said he was interested in learning more!! Wow, crazy!!! Usually we chase people down not the other way around but it was so great!! After we went to Jessica's house! We biked home and we may or may not of got DQ... Ya'll can be the judge, but we did learn about righteous judgement in conference!!!

Tuesday... So this morning after lunch we went for me to do My Plan because Friday is kind of booked! After we saw Peggy! We had a good little lesson for her! We took pictures after on the train tracks because Sis Bedwell was responsible for the gender reveal of her brother's baby. So we did that and took a companion photo too! She's going to have a niece if anyone is wondering! So after we biked to the Evan's and had a great lessons! We then went tracting and met a super nice lady who's parents were devote members of the church, but she wasn't interested! After we saw Kristen briefly! We then biked home for dinner! After we biked to Brian's and shared a little message with him! We had a bishopric tradeoff tonight. The Willis's came out with us and we went and saw the Norton's and Burt!

Wednesday... We had district meeting this morning! After we went to Mandarin with Casey for lunch and to pick up the car! Because of some unexpected events we now have the car full time for the rest of the transfer! Blessin! We came back to Orange Park and tried people. We went tracting and met a nice guy! We are going back to see him this week! We then went to dinner at the Smith's! After Sister Smith came out with us and we went to see the Perkins. After we tried several people who weren't home! We ended at the church for correlation!

Thursday... This morning we went to see Kristen but she wasn't feeling well! We went to Britani's for service! We helped paint her kitchen! After We met Sister Crews and went to see Shawn, the guy from Monday! We had a great lesson with him!! After we went tracting! We went to try, Deedra, a lady Sister Brian and I found! Wow she was so happy to see us! You would of thought that we were best friends! So we had a really good visit with her! We then went to the Crews for dinner! After we met Sister Evans and we went to see Brother Dobson! We had a really good lesson with him. We then went to the church and met with Charlie!

Friday... This morning we went to see Russ! After we did weekly planning! Its was awesome!! We did a golden hour after! We went to Casey's for supper :)!! We then went and met Marlene! We went to try someone on her visiting teaching list! They weren't home! We then went to see Bobbie!!

Saturday...  This morning we went to see Donovan before conference! We went to church for conference! After we went and saw Sister Puckett and told her about conference! We then went to try some potentials before the next session! We went back to the church and watched it! After we went to Casey's for dinner again and we had shrimp!! That Mark almost caught! Small fry emoji!!! Then I went on a split with Casey! Blessin! She is so great! We went to see Charlotte Batten and the Lotts! At Charlotte's we set up a birthday lunch next week because her birthday is the 14th!! 

Sunday... We had a lesson with Joe before conference! Conference was great! Joe and Donovan were there! Burt is sore from a fall he had so he didn't come! Between sessions we went tracting! We watched the last session and Joe came to it too! After we went to supper at the La Fontaine's! We ended the night at the Lehman's!!! 

Monday... Today we did some shopping and went to the mall! Went to bath and body works and bought some smell good things! They were of course having a sale so I of course bought 2 and got 1 free!! But that's all I bought! Blessing!!! 

Wow can I just tell ya'll some amazing facts just to let you know how much more we are blessed than we realize!!! Some smart Elder figured this all out not me but wow I'm so thankful for smart people!!! So there are around 7.3 billion people in the world. 1 out of 3 are Christian (blessin'), 1 out of 486 are Mormon (double blessin'), 1 out of 92,405 are missionaries (triple blessin'), 1 out of 30,219,895 are serving in the Florida Jacksonville Mission (quadruple blessin'), and chances are 1 out 3,650,000,000 that you serve with the person you are serving with (see Sierra it was a miracle we got to be companions, wow biggest blessin!)!!! I am just SO grateful that I have been able to serve my Savior and King and to testify that He truly is the Son of God. Not everyone is blessed enough to have this knowledge or the knowledge of the restored gospel but I'm so thankful that I have had to opportunity to share it for the last 18 months of my life!! That is the real blessing!!! 

I love ya'll and am so thankful for the support and love I have received throughout my whole mission! How am I so blessed?? Because I have a loving Heavenly Father who wants nothing but the best for me. I definitely don't deserve it, but I'm grateful for it! I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of Him!!! Don't forget to read your scriptures!!!

Love Always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom

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