Monday, September 5, 2016

OP is the place to be!!!!!

Monday... After pday we had dinner with the Evans! They drive us to
our appointment with Shanequa after! It was great! We walked home
after and talked to people on the street.

Tuesday... We played frogged this morning for exercise. We jogged to
the church to get our bikes that we'd left there yesterday. Blanding
is the worst in the morning because ain't nobody got time for
stopping! But we made it out alive! We did service at the clothes
closet and decided to walk home and try people along the way and talk
to people who were out. I don't know if ya'll remember Chris and Jenn!
But we stopped by there. They are moving on Friday! But we had a nice
brief visit with Jenn! After.. Ya'll will never believe who I saw on
the street.... Justin, the homeless guy Sister Brian and I taught! It
was so good to see he was still alive! Casey came to our rescue and picked us up
to take us to lunch! After we finished studies. Britani came out with
us after to try Jermaine but... Awkward a lady answered the door and
said he'd be back in 10 minutes and then no one ever came back! We
went to Sonic after to get a drink for dinner! Britani took us to the
Smiths house! Sister Smith came out with us to see the McGill family!
It was a great lesson! They are so great! After we went to see Burt.
We had a good actually serious lesson with him. It was good!

Wednesday... We had district meeting and after we did service for
Casey! We all went and cleaned the back yard! And I got to leaf blow
the roof! We then biked and tried a lady that said we could come back!
We helped her trim up her bushes. Turns out she wasn't interested but
we had a good discussion! We had a lesson after with Glen, then biked
home for supper! As we were coming in our neighbor asked us when we
could come by so he could pray with us. So after dinner we went by. We
then went tracting and miracle, 100% of the people we talked to said
we could come back! Granted it was only 2 answered but none the less it was
a miracle! So we got slurpees to celebrate as we walked to the church
for Ward correlation!

Thursday... This morning we had a lesson with Kristen! After we went
to see Peggy Kohler! She is a hoot! we stopped at Frank's after. We
then went tracting!! Yay.... So we didn't meet anyone but then on the
way home we did... Yay!!!! After we had dinner at the Talbots! We then
were asked to come in for the night! For all concerned the weather
wasn't bad. Just some rain and little wind!

Friday... Today we had weekly planning! After, miracle!!!! We were
biking out and we met a family in our complex that wants to learn
about the gospel!!!! Yay! We are seeing them Tuesday night! We then
visited an awesome LA! We then had dinner at Casey's and she made us
Mexican street corn!!! Yay!!! It was so good!!! She's so great!!!
After we saw Brian! Then... Uh... We lost Bobbie.... We have no idea
where he is... We went and looked at the hospital and uh.. He gone! So
yeah! We then went to see Lisa! We had a good visit!

Saturday... This morning we had a lesson with a gator! Then we jumped
on our steel steeds and galloped towards the nursing home to see
Sister Puckett! We met a man on the way who wants to learn about the
church! We then saw Sister Puckett and had a good lesson! As we were
teaching out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing something and I
looked and... Surprise snake!!! So I calmly told her and moved her
then rushed it off. After we went and ate at Texas Roadhouse! We had a
phone lesson with Joe. We then biked like the wind through the rain
and miracle we met Ashlee and Andy as they got back from the temple.
So we taught them a lesson! After we biked and knocked doors in a
light drizzle! We then had a lesson with the Cranks! They are so kind
and drove us home in their Tundra! Sister Crews picked us up and we
had a lesson with the Lotts! Yay!!! After we had transfer call and I
get to stay in Orange Park for my last transfer, and Sister Bedwell
and I are staying together yay!

Sunday... Ok so Joe and Burt came and then..... GUESS WHAT?!?!?! Ah
WHERE!!!!!! For those who don't remember she was in Ocala with me and
she moved to Colorado! Someone ask me if I was excited!!! Ah I just
love her so much! And Jordan! Ah I've missed her so much!! Anywho!
After church Sister Crews stayed with us for the lesson with Joe.
After we contacted a referral. He was so.. Confusing, he would agree
then he wouldn't agree. You can't say Christ called and authorized
people in the Bible then say anyone who wants to can do it today and
then say He is the same yesterday today and forever. Anyways! After we
went to Caseys for our lunch/dinner! We made cookies :)! And put
cookie dough on top of cookies yay!!! After we tried to see some
potentials. We ended the night at the Lehmans!

Monday... And today had been great! We had the stake family fun day!
It was so great! So many people were here and I've seen SO MANY of my
friends from Flemming island!!!! Yay!!!!!

This week was grand and I'm excited to spend the next 6 weeks in
Orange Park! Miracles are coming! Also I had an ah ha moment this
week! So most people use the lame excuses of not having time to read
scriptures. So I was thinking about the busiest day ever and you go
out to the mailbox and surprise there is a letter directly from God.
Would you make time to read it that day or would you be to tired or
find a different time? No you would make time and that is exactly what
the scriptures are. They are written for us by inspired men of God!
Don't forget to read your scriptures! Love ya'll!!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission



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