Monday, September 26, 2016

I say it's GREAT to be a Tennessee Vol!!!!!

Can someone say blessin' because I sure can!!! I am so excited about the Tennessee game! But we will get to that! But I of course had to start with that!

Monday... This past Monday after pday we went to an appointment but they had to cancel so we went over to Casey's for dinner! After we had to run the Oakleaf sisters home! We then came back for an appointment that fell through too so we spent the rest of the night trying to contact people we'd never met that are in our areabook! 

Tuesday... Wow we are loving missionaries and care a lot about people and.... We got up and went to early morning seminary! Which meant we got up at 5:46am, we had to be there at 5:55! Well that was my alarm Sister B had like 500 going off! But anyways, we went and taught them about tagging scriptures on LDS tools and all kinds of stuff then we got to sit in for the lesson! It was awesome! We went home and studied after! We went and did service at the clothes closet! We had lunch after then went to the Evans for a lesson! We then went and did a golden hour! We were literally running house to house because our message is that important and.... It may or may not have been raining! But our message really is that important! We met one lady who was looking for a new church and she said that we could come back and share more with her! Yay!! After we went and ate at the Carney's! It was so good! They are so great! Brother Carney played his guitar for us! We then went to see someone and it was sketchy but anywho we moved on and went to see Burt with Britani! We had a good visit with him!

Wednesday... We had district meeting this morning! After we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch : )!!! I love that place!! after we went to see Diane, but they weren't doing well today but.... BLESSIN' she's been reading from the Book of Mormon!!! Wow! I love when people don't have hard hearts and are willing to experiment! I mean the Bible tells us you will know the word of God when you read it! So you'll either know it's God's word or just a book that talks a lot about Christ! But you have to be sincere! Ok moving on! After we went to Casey's and we are FOR REALZ done with taking down wallpaper! Momma Faye decided she wanted the baseboards taken off and everything behind them removed too! So we are done! After we went tracting and no one was interested but we lifted a warning voice! And hey the quicker "every ear shall hear" the quicker the 2nd coming will happen! Yeah!!!! After we had dinner at the apartment, a member started dinner to late so she ordered us a pizza and had it delivered! After we tried some people until church! Well it was Alyssa Smith's birthday so I may or may not of whipped out my kazoo and we busted into young women's singing happy birthday!! After we had Ward Correlation! 

Thursday... This morning we went to see Kristen! We had a good visit with her! After we tried Frank but he wasn't home so we stopped by the McGill's! They are doing good but are super busy! But hopefully we will see them soon! We went tracting and.... Met 2 people who want to learn about the church! Blessin!!! Oh and we may or may not of got dissed by a catholic lady! She tried to act all nice and stuff but we asked her what religion she was and she said "I'm catholic. We don't do evangelist, I believe that is the down fall of religions!" Wow thank you lady! But hey as Paul said, "We went away rejoicing that we were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name"! After we went to see Vicki! We talked with her briefly! We then went to the convenience store again! Ahhh... But I did good this time! We went to get gas and... maybe a slurpee! Don't worry! After we tried some people on our visiting teaching route. We caught one at home. She was nice. We had dinner with the Moss family! We ended the night seeing Charlie! Then we went to see Bobbie!  

Friday... This morning we had Amy! It was a great lesson! After we had an apartment check by Elder and Sister Cengiz! There may or may not of been a nerf gun involved when they came through the door. That's all I have to say about that! After we did weekly planning then went to the church for me to do my plan! After we had dinner with Burt! We went to eat at an Italian place! Annie Green came out with us the rest of the night! We went to see Charlotte and the Lott's!

Saturday... Today was busy! We had a lesson with Sister Puckett this morning! And we did the towel chicken story (don't worry family you only have a few more weeks then you can see it) I know ya'll are excited...! After we went to see the Norton's and.. Surprise they needed some service so I jumped on that and Joyce went and got me one of her tshirts. They needed their gutters cleaned out. I won't go into details but gutters are easier to clean from the roof not a ladder and a pressure washer was involved. They had one part though that is a car port but can't handle much weight and the pressure washer could get it all off. So I blew it as far as I could and we then used a rake, broom, ladder, and wheelchair to finished dragging it from the far end. It was special but we got it done! After we went to Donovan's and had a good visit with him! We then hurried to Stefanie's! She is so Awesome!!! We then knocked some doors and one had a not so pretty orange and blue mailbox and we all know what today is... The big game! But I wasn't thinking about it and they came out (in their gator apparel) and I asked them if they were watching the game. I told them I was a Tennessee fan! They proudly told me we were loosing! Well we went to dinner and President Crews came down stairs and rubs in that we are loosing 21-0! Well we all know how the game ended and it was a blessed day haha!! We ended the night at an ice cream social before the Women's Broadcast! It was SO GOOD!!!! And if you didn't watch it then you missed out and go watch it, because it is so good! Talking about having faith in hard times! Ok look around you and raise your hand if you don't need it! Ok!!

Sunday... So church Burt, Joe, and DONOVAN came!!! Yay!! It was awesome!! After the Elders taught Joe and we went to lunch at the Buckman's! We then had an appointment cancel so we went tracting! So interesting story this guy came out and told us he is black and that all of America is racist and he hates it. Meanwhile, I am darker than him. But he said No I am black and you are white. He's actually Puerto Rican! Well anyways we tell him that God loves all of us the same and he is loved and we like him! He was crazy and then! As we were walking away he tells me I am racist and that Sister Bedwell is not haha! Oh man, fun times!! But I forgive him! He was crazy, like legit! Oh and... We met a man and somehow we got to Aloe drinks! Anyone remember the picture I sent over a year ago in Ocala of the massive Aloe drink! Well he says they have them here at Big Lots! Blessin!!!!! So ya'll better believe I'll be getting some of those!! It's not the Aloe brand but he said they are still good! Yay!!! After we went to dinner at the La Fontaine's! It was good! We then went to see Frank! We ended the night seeing the Lehman's and Sister Smith came with us! It was great!!!    

And today we played basketball at the gym with Casey, Kristy, and Marlene because they are the best and we can always rely on them!!! I am so thankful for them!!! 

So this week we read with someone the rest of the talk "What is the Blueprint of Christ's Church"! It's an amazing talk and if you've ever wondered where we get our doctrines and the things we teach. Well you might be surprised to know that all we teach had doctrinal backing to the Bible! This talk just shows that, so I put the link to it and I would invite everyone to read it because it is awesome!!!!  I hope ya'll have a blessed week! Don't forget to read your scriptures this week!!!  

Oh and also, General conference is this Saturday and Sunday from 12-2 and 4-6 eastern time! They are wonderful uplifting messages about how we can follow Christ more fully! So whether you are Mormon or not it don't matter! We don't discriminate!!! Anywho have a great week!!! 

Love ya'll!!
Sister Grissom

1. Yay the Tennessee vs Florida game!!
2. Can ya'll see the little geico!! 
3. Last pday at Treaty Oak!
4. Us with Charlotte, no we aren't giants! She's just little! 
5. Doing service!

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