Monday, September 12, 2016

Called to serve emoji

So uh... For those of ya'll that know me well will understand this
photo  that this mother sent me! And I just wanted to start my email
with a testimony that this is true! Don't scar your children when they
are young from short hair, or drive them to put miracle grow on it to
make it grow... Not that I did that....... But moving on!!!!

Monday... After pday was over we went to Casey's for our Labor Day
supper! Yay! The Culler's were there too! After we went to see Jessica!
We had a good visit with her then biked home and talked to people. The
Oakleaf sisters got the car today and for part of tomorrow because hey
need it for an appointment!

Tuesday... Today we had a short district meeting! After we had service
at the clothes closet! We then biked to our appointment with Craig. On
the way we met a guy  and when he told us his name I thought he was a
less active. So after we got to our appointment I checked and he was,
but he didn't tell us that. However, we'd set up an appointment with
him for tomorrow. We had a good lesson with Craig! We then met the
Oakleaf sisters and took them out to their apartment in Oakleaf. On
the way out we saw Kristy Culler driving next to us. So we were waving
and honking and wow she was so zoned out! But we followed her to her
house since it was on the way! After we got Bruster's because.....
Well you don't always have to have a reason ok! We then went to dinner
at the younger Gerald's house. We didn't end up getting to stay long
and we went to meet Sister Jensen! We tried potentials become our
appointment fell through and we were able to set a return appointment
with a man. We ended the night at Burt's.

Wednesday... This morning we went to see Kristen! After we went to
Casey's to do service! We helped take wall paper down in her moms
kitchen! And she made us lunch :)!!! Her famous grill cheese of course
:)!!! We then went to do a golden hour. We walked down the road to a
formers! He was awesome! And we taught him the restoration and set up
a return appointment. He even played his guitar for us. We then went
to Nancy and Wayne's for dinner :)!! It was good! Wayne had painted me
a beach scene on a canvas! It's so good! Ahh he is the best! After we
went to our appointment with the less active who doesn't know we
know.... So yeah it was a weird. Super solid lesson and he played like
he wasn't a member the whole time it was strange. So we went and found
out more about him from the bishop... Yeah weird! Anyways! We ended
the night with a phone lesson with Joe!

Thursday... This morning we tried some potentials before heading over
to see Amy. We actually found her back at the beginning of August but
we called her and set this appointment up! Blessin!!! It was so good!
After we went to help Casey again because uh... That wallpaper really
loves the wall and just doesn't let go! So Casey played "let it go" to
it jokes but that would of been funny!! And blessin! Kylie was there
from FI! She's so funny! After we went to see Stefanie! Wow our
lessons just get more and more interesting. But anywho! They are
always fun and we laugh a lot! We went tracting after! We ate with the
Lemons and it was delicious! It was a cornbread thing with chicken and
cheese! And THEN!!!! Cookie dough Klondike bar!!! Hello what genius
that invented that stuff! Who ever thought of cookie dough was
inspired to do that for me! Ok anyways moving on! After we had a
lesson with Ashlee and Andy! We ended the night seeing our neighbor
John! Wow... Interesting ideas and..... Happenings that he believes
but to each their own! He has a lot of questions for us though and we
couldn't go in because we can't go inside with a single man so he
asked us to come back next week with someone so he can ask us

Friday... So we had our appointment fall through this morning so we
went to the church and I started MyPlan! Which you do the last 6 weeks
of your mission!! It doesn't even feel for real! I think it's just a
joke! Hello weekly planning, there may or may not be a count down for
when I plan for the last time every 30 minutes of each day!
Hallelujah!!! But it's great because I don't have to think about what
I'm going to do each day so it really is a blessing! So after we did
service with Casey! We then had dinner at the Norris's! We then put in
to action 'operation find Bobbie' and we did find out he is in another
hospital over in Jacksonville! We then had a small game of fugitive
with Brian where he hid and we tried to find him to help him with
something but.... He won this round but not for long! We then had
nothin better to do then to knock some doors at 8:40! But wow miracle,
we knocked a former and MIRACLE! She didn't think we were crazy and
said we could come back!

Saturday... This morning we did service for Sister Kohler! She wanted
us to trim her hedges! Hmm... It's weird mom sent me the picture of
that bird and hair joke because. Those hedges looked about the same!
There isn't much left but... On a positive note they won't have to be
trimmed for a really really REALLY long time! Also Heavenly Father
blessed us and Jessie McGill pulled up so we were able to talk to him!
Yay! After we went to rinse off because.. I've never been allergic to
poison ivy before but better safe than sorry! We rewarded our job well
done with..... Smoothies! Ha none of y'all seen that coming! And
blessin!!! Anisha from Lake Butler called and she was in Orange Park
with Timber at the mall and wanted to see us! So we went wow
adventure! So I may or may not of parked on the opposite side of the
food court so we had to cut through the mall... I felt pretty apostate
so we walked fast! It was so good to see her! We walked around the
outside of the mall on the way back! We had an appointment fall
through so we went tracting! We saw the Crank's then went to dinner
with the Jolley's! We tried a couple people after then went to the
Lotts with Casey!

Sunday... Today Joe was at church! It was great! After we had a lesson
with Joe and sister Smith and her 2 girls stayed and Mairyn! It was
good! Sister Crews picked us up after to go see the Lehmans! We got to
meet her son John! Wow it was a party all kinds of people showed up!
Rich's daughter came and her 3 kids and they all sat in for the
lesson! It was awesome!!!! We then went to see why Burt wasn't at
church today! After Sister Crews dropped us off at the church! We
biked like hard core Harley riders to the Smiths for dinner! It was so
good! I love the Smith family! We then biked and talked to people on
the streets! We ended the night seeing Mrs Charlotte Batten! Ahh I
love that lady!!! We also got to meet her daughter Cindy and
granddaughter Katie! They are so awesome! We then raced like a pine
wood derby cart home!

Today!!! YAY!!! I get to talk to all my beautiful friends and family!
We went shopping at Ross again, someone just take my debit card away!
But the 2 shirts were cute ok and my straightener at home is broke and
my companion now has one that is so small you can basically only use
it for straightening your finger hair! Ain't nobody got time for that!
So they had a great deal on one! So I got it!!!!

I love this gospel! I know it is truly Christ church and this is His
work! I'm so excited to be a part of it and to still have 5 weeks left
to testify of Jesus Christ everyday! That He is the son of God and
Savior of the world and only through Him can we make it back! Hope
ya'll have a great week and ready your scriptures! They'll make it

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Anisha!!! Yay!!!

2. I love this quote!!!

3. Us... In our new pants! So comfy!

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