Monday, September 19, 2016

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Monday... So after we went to Casey's for dinner! After she dropped us
off at an appointment who wasn't home so... Miracle we got to go
tracting!! We didn't find anyone but we did get to talk to people! We
ended the night at Jessica's! Casey picked us up after with... Cookie
dough  flautas hello heaven!!! Fried thing with cookie dough in it!
What part of that doesn't sound good!

Tuesday... This morning we had zone meeting! It was was good! After
all the sisters went to Panera for lunch! It was a good time!!! We
went to see the Dobson's but his wife was asleep so... We couldn't go in
and teach him! We then went to do some tracting and we met an awesome
lady! We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she wanted to read it
and for us to come back! Yay!!!! After we had dinner with the
Woolbright's! After we biked to try Bryan's and miracle we got to have
a lesson with him! We then biked home to meet Sister Jensen! All our
appointments fell through so we tried a lot of people! We met a couple
people but no lessons! So we went and got ice cream ha!

Wednesday... So this morning we went to see Kristen! We did some
service with her and then had a lesson! We then biked to Casey's and
did service on her walls again! I guess ya'll could pretty much call
us professionals!!! After we had dinner with the Evans! Sister Evans
came with us after to a lesson! The lady wasn't there but her son was
so... We taught him! Yay!! After we went to church to help with in the
Activity Day girls who.... Made us cookie dough!! Blessin!!!! We ended
the night with Ward correlation!

Thursday... This morning we were headed to a lesson with Sister
Nettles! But the lady wasn't home so we went back to Sister Nettles
and helped her set up some stuff! After we went back to the ladies
house and she was home! Yay!! We taught plan of salvation and she
loved it! After we went tracting! We met a guy that told us we can
come back! We then got picked up by Casey and went to help with her
walls more! We then had dinner with the Crews family! They are so
awesome! We then went to a relief society night and helped with it!
After we did street contacting!

Friday...  This morning we did good ol weekly planning and after we
went to the church to do my plan! We then went and did some service
for Casey! You know it's a good week when you get to be with Casey so
much!! After we did tracting and met an awesome lady! We then went
back to Casey's and had dinner!! She came with us after to see
Charlotte Batten! Which of course was a good time!

Saturday... Pretty sure we biked about 30 miles today ha! It was
great! We started out seeing Sister Puckett! We then went to see
Donovan but tried people a long the way! We had a great lesson with
him! After we did some tracting but didn't really meet anyone very
interested! After we were suppose to see Jason and Cliff came but.. He
wasn't back from his work trip yet. So we biked home and stopped at a
gas station! We got slurpees and wow did ya'll know they make Reece
cups with Reece pieces in them! Wow! It is so good! I highly recommend
it! After dinner, Britani came and picked us up and went out with us
the rest of the night. We saw Laura and her boys, the Cranks, and then
ended the night at Burts.

Sunday... Today was great! Church was good and the sisters asked if
they could keep the car because they had been sick so uh... Good thing
we are charitable! So we walked home and then biked to see Bobbie
because yay, he's alive!!! After we biked home and took our lunch and
dinner together! Best idea ever! So after there was a 'Why I Believe'
devotional at the church. It was 3 stake event and a recent convert
from each stake told their conversion story and there was music! Do
ya'll remember Wesley that got baptized last year in OP! Well he did
his it was good! President and Sister Lee were there! I love them so
much! They both bore their testimony! President Lee had all the
missionaries there come up and recite the standard of truth. It was so
powerful! Wow! I love being a missionary! It is so amazing!!! After we
had a lesson with Charlie finally! We just had it at the church and
Brother Buchman stayed with us! It was really good and after they
dropped us off at the Lehmans! We had a good lesson with them! They
brought us home after!

Today we came downtown with Casey and Kristy and a bunch of
missionaries like Sisters Elwood, Dahle, Periera, and Tullis! We are
just sight seeing and eating of course!!!

I love being a missionary! I love this gospel! I love being able to
testify everyday if truth! General Conference is coming up soon! I'm
so excited! Don't forget about the women's conference this weekend and
to read your scriptures! You can't ask for help or questions if you
don't help yourself! Have a great week!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Kiss a frog? Nah a lizard!!!

2. So we really like our long hair! Yay

3. Zone meeting

4. Hey ain't this neat! It wasn't my idea but.. It's still awesome! I
love the scriptures!

5. Treaty oak... A year later but.... 5 people stil the same! Bethany
and Max where are ya'll!!!!

6. Anyone remember this spot? Christmas family photo anyone?? Hello
Sweet Pete's!!! I love these two!!

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