Monday, August 29, 2016

BLESSINS all around 😃🚴🏻💛

Wow this week was full of miracles! I just love Orange Park and I love
my mission. To be able to witness first hand the miracles of the Lord.
I love the spirit and the promptings that we receive so that the Lord
can use us in this great work, to be His hands on earth! But wow what
a crazy week it has been!

Monday... After Pday was over we went to the Smith's for dinner! It
was so good! I just love that family!!! After we tried contacting a
referral. We ended the night seeing Shanequa! We had a good visit!

Tuesday... This morning we had interviews! They were great! The Lee's
are great. We also had trainings on helmets... Everyone kept
looking at me! I guess cause they're jealous of my helmet so I'll
leave it behind in October so sokmeone else can wear it! Anywho's... We found
out what the Lee's had packed themselves for lunch and uh... Yeah we
weren't having it so Sister Rigby and I went to get them Panera. We of
course got ourselves some too! After we delivered theirs we went with
the rest of the missionaries to eat at Zaxby's. After we did service
in a school garden. I had memories of the good ol community garden
back home! Good times, I'll just say ours raised beds didn't have so
many weeds! We tried to chase down a snake but he got away, lucky for
you Dacia! After we had a trade off with the Normandy sisters! This
time I stayed in Orange Park with Sister Smith. We had to run the
Oakleaf sisters out to their place. Since we were out there... We went
to Bruster's to get ice cream to celebrate Sister Smith's year mark!!!
After we tried a referral then went to correlation at Britani and
Cliffs house! We also had supper there! Britani came out with us for
the rest of the night because she is awesome! We saw Burt and also
Bobbie!  Sister Smith is great!

Wednesday... We had district meeting today. I know what all you RM's
are thinking, weird.. Same week as interviews, but yeah it happened!
After we got Chick-Fil-A!!!! Mmmmm!!!!! We then went to trade off with
the sisters! Sister Bedwell and I then stopped briefly by the
apartment for her to grab another outfit and met the Whitehouse
Sisters at the church to do a trade off! Sister Rigby and I stayed in
OP!! It was grand. We did a golden hour of trying to contact the
referrals we have! It was good we laughed the whole time and we think
we got plunked by a LA... This lady came out and we asked for Alisha
and she pointed at a house and said she lived there so we went and
knocked but the guy said no Alisha lives there... Smooth move! LA=1
Missionaries=0!!! Why can't people just be honest I mean seriously!
Anyways... We then went back to see Sam who Sister Bedwell and I met
on Sunday and are ya'll ready for this...... He read everything we'd
asked him to read and some... NO ONE DOES THAT!!! Ah it was beautiful!
I told him I didn't know what to do from there because no one ever
reads. He said he'd enjoyed it and it made sense and it goes with the
Bible... Hmm... Imagine that! We aren't the only ones that realize
that!!! The Book of Mormon and Bible together provide a better and
even deeper understanding and relationship with our Savior and Father
in Heaven! After we had dinner with the Malcolms! We then finally
caught a less active at home and had a good lesson with him. We ended
the night seeing Bobbie again!

Thursday!!!!!!!! So miracle of my mission happen today and it was
amazing to see how the Lord is truly in charge  of His work and it
will continue to go forward whether people are on board or not! Truth
is truth whether people choose to believe it or not! So this day! We
go try Frank who we used to teach. He was excited we were back but
asked if we could come back in 30 minutes. So I was like hey lets go
try Blair. She is someone I used to visit and long story short about
the past. I visited her off and on when I was here before and crazy
things happened but they weren't very interested but was fine with us
coming by. She hadn't been to our church since she was a teenager. So
we go knock on the door and.... Her face was surprise/shock/excitement!
She gave me a huge hug and said I would not
believe what all had happened in the last few months since I had been
gone. She said she couldn't tell us everything right then because she
had to go pick up her daughter for school and she had just stopped by
her house to use the bathroom. She did say she had started working for
LuLaRue which is a LDS company that makes modest dresses for women.
She talked about the values of the company and told us just a lot had
happened. She said us being on her door step was a miracle and an
answer to a prayer. She said she was going to contact the church to
try to find where I was serving and she couldn't wait to tell her
husband who showed up at there door. She told us he had been asking a
lot of questions and she wanted us to come back and sit down in their
home to teach them about the gospel! MIRACLE!!!!! So we are going back
tomorrow night. I'm excited to hear about the last 6 months and see
what all has happened! Wow! Can't wait for "the rest of the story"
(Paul Harvey emoji)! So that is why I'm back in Orange Park! Because
all information was gone on them and no one else knew about them
except me and my companions at the time! Anyways rest of the day! We
got Panera again and talked to Casey at the church and saw Sister
Brian!!! Yay!!! We traded back after! We did district service for a
member in Oakleaf Ward! After we contacted a referral! She was great!
We had dinner with the Hills and guess what Sister Hill gave me.... 2
of the Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles!! Could this day get any
better?!?! Our appointment after fell through so we stopped by to
talked to Sister Smith, aka the relief society teacher but she wasn't
home. We ended the night seeing the Evans!

Friday... SURPRISE guess who got to go to MLC?!?! Me!!! And guess who
was there to speak to us??? Elder Klebingat! He is in the 1st quorum
of the 70 and gave one of my favorite conference talks in October of
2014 'Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence'! Dacia remember
that talk, we both talked about it after we watched together with the
Bingham's in the tabernacle!!! Anyways, good times!!! So MLC was
awesome! We learned good stuff! After we met back up with our
companions and Sister Bedwell and I went to dinner at the Dicarlos!
She made us homemade pizza! It was great! After we tried a referral
and was able to set up a return appointment. We then had an
appointment at the church and Britani came with us. It fell through so
we went to try more referrals! One wasn't home but we talked to a man
outside. It was an interesting conversation and he talked about how
happy we were and he could never be that happy. Then we tried another
one and she wasn't there but the man that answered the door was
interested in learning more! We then went back to the church and had a
great lesson with Ashlee and Andy!

Saturday... Today we didn't have many set lessons but boy didn't it
turn out to be a productive day! So!!! We started out the day by
buying Casey a birthday cupcake from DQ and singing her the birthday
rap we had made for her but forgot to rap to her. Anyone wonder,
kazoos and rapping DO NOT go together. But anyways... After we tried a
referral and ended up knocking the road. We met an old investigator
named Jeff. He said he was taught about a year ago. But he wasn't
interested. We met one man that had the prettiest Great Dane ever! And
while we were talking the dog ran off so we awkwardly followed him
around the subdivision while he chased his dog! All is well the dog is
safe and yeah guy isn't interested!!! We did talk to a guy working on
his truck and he let us share the whole restoration! It was grand!!!
After we went to try a potential and BLESSIN!!! She was home! And let
us teach her the whole restoration and set up a return appointment! We
contacted a referral after and taught him but he's not interested! We
then visited a recent convert! After we raced the bishop to his house
for dinner! We had a great dinner. After we went to see the Cranks.
And ended the night with my favorite Mrs. Batten!!!

Sunday... Today was grand!!! Joe and Burt were at church and Sister
Batten came! Yay!!! AND!!!!! Nancy and Wayne Walker came to see me!!!
Ahh they are so great! Since the boundary change they are in the
Flemming Island 2nd Ward now! After church we had a lesson with Joe.
We had lunch at the Buchmans! We finished studies! Then walked to meet
the Malcolms to ride to dinner. We met a guy along the way and taught
him. He wanted a Book of Mormon! We had dinner at the La Fontaine's!
They are so great! Sister La Fontaine is Navajo! It is the best! She
made Navajo tacos!! Wendy Smith picked us up from there and we went to
visit a LA! We ended the night at the Lehmans!

Monday... And today we are the church! We are going to have district
pday. We are doing a lot of companionship against companionship games.
Like 3 legged race, wheel barrel race and so on... So Sister Bedwell
and I are going to dominate or die but either way it should be fun!!!!

I love the gospel and I am so thankful for it! Hope ya'll have a great
week! Thanks for all ya'll do! Remember to read your scriptures!!!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. District service

2. Sister Smith and I

3. Nancy, Wayne, and I :)!!!

4. My sister trying to make me jealous!!! Ain't she so cute!!!

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