Monday, July 25, 2016


Monday.... After pday was over we went tracting and we met a guy named Jeff! He was way nice and told us we could come back on Saturday but that he had his own church. We met a few other nice people, but no one really interested! We tried to talk to a lady on a mower..... Uh yeah, bad idea! So we kept going! We went and saw Shirley! She is so sweet! We read Romans 8 together! She even asked questions about the Book of Mormon and why we had it! It was great to be able to answer her questions as she sincerely asked them!!!

Tuesday.... This morning we had district meeting and district lunch after! One elder from our district is heading home this next week....Crazy!!! After we went and did service for Jenny! She is so sweet! We
helped organize and clean out her bathroom! We had supper with Bishop and Anisha! They are so awesome! After we saw Sister Prisicilla and her granddaughter! We ended the night seeing Sister
Mann but it was a short visit so we planned on coming back Friday night!

Wednesday.... So this morning we went to see Shirley, Mashayla, and Makayla! We met them last week! Shirley didn't feel good so we taught her two granddaughters! We were going to teach restoration but they just started with so many good life questions so we taught Plan of Salvation! It was great! We only got half way through because they had such great questions!!! They are awesome! We setup another appointment with them next Tuesday! After we went to the wades for lunch. They actually took us out to eat! After we did service for the Wades! We saw Billy and Gena because they were outside as we were walking! The rest of the night we knocked and talked to people on the street!

Thursday.... This morning we were suppose to help Marla but she wasn't home so we went tracting. It was nice and toasty!! We were like 2 pop tarts in a toaster!!! We finally caught a less active at home and I
knocked down some wasp nest for her and then we ran away!! We didn't find anyone to interested! We did find an awesome guy named Bob and we could tell he knew a lot about the church. Turns out he was a
missionary and had translated for President Hinckley!! What?! But he left the church and wants to come back because he still knows it's all true! He is moving though so... Sad day! After we and saw Trina! Marla
call so we went and helped her briefly before head into Sister Erin's! We went to see the Williams. They weren't home so we left a note on the door but... He drove up!! Yay!! We talked to him a while and I
played with his pet squirrel :)!!!! And we set up a time next Tuesday to come do service! He was in a loggin accident a little while back but doing better! So he said there is lots to help with! After we went to dinner at the Cabrals! We needed the night seeing Prisicilla!!!

Friday.... We had weekly planning this morning!!! We paused to have lunch with Sister Erin and Wiggins! We then came back and finished up! We went to Sister Lakes to do service!!! She wanted us to clean out
there little kiddie pool!!! Yay!!! It was fun! After when we were cleaning up sister Broderick saw some water on top of the candle outside and went to dump it off.... She doesn't understand what southern heat does so..... All the melted wax splatters all over the patio so we clean that up too! So I then taught her that it happens to crayons too. I remember in the Smokeys leaving my crayons out on the picnic table and when I returned they were just a puddle.... No wonder I never became a master artist! Anywho! We came home supper after! We ended the night seeing Sister Mann and Gail!

Saturday..... So this morning President Lee called and released me as a sister training leader! So I had all day to think about where I was headed next. This morning we had Pioneer Day that we had been asked to
help with! And.... There was an awesome blow up water slide for the.... 'Kids'.... And that is all I will say about that.... So after we came back to our house and changed back into dress clothes! Well through a reliable source we found out that one of the sisters in Orange Park had been called to be a STL... So I was like on maybe I'll go, but I knew the companion staying in OP has only been out 6 weeks so her new comp will have to be a trainer to 2nd half train her. We go to see Jeff and.... HE LET US IN AND HIS WIFE SAT DOWN WITH US AND WE TAUGHT THE WHOLE RESTORATION!!! That never happens... Ok sometimes but it's miracle every time!!! The lesson was awesome! He was like "so ya'll believe a lot of the same things and the Book of Mormon isn't ya'lls 'bible' and it doesn't replace the bible. Ya'll read the 2 together! And they took place at he same time in different parts of the world!" Ah it's always a beautiful moment when people realize that! I don't know why it's so hard for people to get that and annoying when they argue with you about it. It's like hello I'm Mormon, I know!!! Anywho!!!! We then walked back home for supper! We then went out to see some people out in Providence. The first one was not super happy we were there so... We left! We saw Sis Moseley! We had a good lesson! As we were leaving her house President Lee calls again to ask me to be a second half trainer.... So I start freaking out!!! What if it's Orange Park! We go see Sis Smith and I show her the quilt mom made me and she thought it was amazing! Because it is :) (thanks mom πŸ˜ƒ) after a lesson we hurry home for transfer call!!!! And..... I GOT CALLED BACK TO ORANGE PARK!!!!! I can't even believe it!!!! I am beyond excited!!! Blessin from heaven!!!!! I screamed and couldn't hear anything else after my name was said.... My companions name is Sister Bedwell and crazy, Sister Brian actually went to school with her! She said she played basketball in school so uh, guess what we'll be doing on pdays again!!!! I'm excited!!!!!

Sunday.... Church was great today! Sacrament was awesome! We had talks about the pioneers! It blows my mind what all they went through and their faith was so strong! They knew the gospel was/is true so nothing
else mattered! They did what they were asked!!! After we went to the Wades for lunch/birthday party! We came home to study after!!! We went and saw Betty! She is doing good! After we stopped by Billy and Gena's they wanted a picture! We ended the night seeing Glenda! She is doing great too!!!

Today we are just relaxing around Lake Butler! I packed up most of my stuff and just left out what  I will need till Wednesday when I head to Orange Park!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe it's been 3 months since I got to Lake Butler and now it is on to other things! I am so excited to be going back to Orange Park! The members are amazing! I'm so thankful for his gospel because it is truly through it that all of my blessings come through. I know that no greater blessings come that following our Savior, Jesus Christ! I'm so grateful to be apart of His great work and proclaim the restored gospel to all who will listen in Florida! Thank ya'll for your support and love!!! Remember to read your scriptures this week!!! If you think you are to busy than your way busier than the Lord ever intended you to be. I promise blessings will come as you read and apply them to your life!!! Love ya'll!!!

Also my new address is
2121 Burwick Ave #1002
Orange Park, FL 32073

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Squirrel

2. Closest thing to swimming we will ever get to on our mission!

3. Sister Wiggins, Sister Erin(possum), me(squirrel), and Sister
Lake(raccoon); Sister Wiggins is their mom! Everyone is kinned in this

4. Sister Smith and I

Monday, July 18, 2016

Crazy week!!!!!

So this week has been so crazy!!!! We have been go go go but my
companion really does exist even though I haven't seen her much!!!

First things first!!! This morning we headed down to Gainesville with
Kyrsten and Casey for Sister Malm's birthday!!!! We went to eat and
have been at the church partying so haven't had much time to email
today. Sorry.... And surprise.... She goes home next week... What?!?!

So last week just a brief synopsis of it.... Tuesday we had zone
meeting where we had to train in Lake City after we ate lunch and then
saw people that evening. We tried to trade off but.... The sisters
ended up in the wrong area so... We stayed the night with the
Macclenny sisters!!!!

Wednesday we traded off and I came to Lake Butler with Sister Smith!!!
We did service for Sister Anisha and Sister Wade!!!! We saw a lot of
people tonight!!!! We saw 6 people all night!!! It was great!!

Thursday we went to Kingsland Georgia for zone meeting and we had
another trade off right after! I came back to Lake Butler with Sister
Tullis!!!! We went and visited people all night... We were able to see
4 people the rest of the evening...

Friday we went to meet the sisters, came home to do weekly planning,
then went to meet the STLs from White House for our STL trade off. It
was Great I went to Whitehouse with Sis Hansen! She is so much fun and
I love Whitehouse! That is where I did trade offs with the STLs when I
was in Orange Park! I loved being back!!!  I got to see the
Velarde's!!! They are so awesome!!!

Saturday we visited people and made up the first 3 lessons all with
Disney songs for each of the principles in them!!! When I have more
time I will send them!!! Once my companions and I were companions
again we went to see Patti! We haven't seen her in forever but she was
good!!!! After we went to have dinner with the Delgado's!!!

Sunday was great! We saw 2 less active and a member came out with us
and we found an awesome lady who wants us to come and teach her family
in 2 weeks! She works next Sunday but she's off the next! It'll be

Sorry this is so short but know I love ya'll and appreciate all ya'll
do for me! Also this Saturday night is transfer call!!!!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1 Lake City Zone meeting

2 trade off with Sister Smith

3 Kingsland zone meeting

4 trade off with Sister Tullis

5 the Velarde's!!!

6 Sister Hansen

Monday, July 11, 2016

Speech Impediment... Who knew!!!!

This week was great we found some people who are interested in
learning more and were able to teach several people! And had some fun

Monday... After pday we went tracting and met a super nice lady that
invited us in!! She had gotten a flesh eating bacteria that just
floats in the air and it went in through a cut on her foot... WHAT ON
EARTH!!! She is so positive and optimistic though!! It went half way
up her leg! After we went and saw Carol Mann!! We didn't get back in
time to go to the lake to see the fireworks but we could see them from
our front yard! I just love fireworks!

Tuesday... We had district meeting and district lunch!! After we went
to do a little service for Ginger and also shared a message! We met a
guy on the street and was able to share with him what we believe and
set up an appointment for next week! We went home and some members
brought us supper! After we went out to try a less active but she was
busy. We stopped by the Mood's for Sister Broderick to meet them! They
are so awesome! After we went to try another LA but they were getting
ready for bed. We did a little tracting and met a super nice guy but
he wasn't really interested but he said we could stop by again!

Wednesday... So today we had MLC! Best MLC ever! It was so much fun!
We role played some random things and it was just fun! We also role
played restoration in 3 and 4 Minutes. It was awesome and he wants us
to start doing it! Sister McGregor and I talked about good ol Bartram!
And we told President Lee that we should serve together because it
would be a hard trial for both of us so... Pray! Haha!! After we
stopped in Orange Park to eat with Casey!!! Blessin!! A year ago last
week was when I got to Orange Park and ate my first meal with Casey
Gentle. I am so grateful for her! She made us chicken tacos :)!!! Mm
mm!!! And we.... Discussed future plans! After we came home and were
walking and... GET READY FOR THIS STORY..... So this lady comes out of
her house so we go to talk to her. Turns out she is a minister. So she
starts preaching to us and doesn't take a breath long enough to fill a
fleas lung... about 20 minutes then she looks at Sister Broderick and
says "you sing don't you" Sister Broderick is like yes.... She says
"the Lord told me to tell you not to hide your talent but in 1-5 years
you will be on platforms, and be making wealthy living. Also your
grandma has been telling people about your talents!" Sister Broderick
looks at me and I just shrug... So she continues and she starts
talking about how she believes everyone has the Holy Ghost. I told her
we believed that you receive the Holy Ghost after baptism like it
talks about in Acts 8 but that everyone is born with the light of
Christ so they can recognize truth. She said "the what of Christ?" And
I said light and she still didn't get it so I look at Sister Broderick
and she translates for me. (Who knew in the south I'd need a
translator!?) so anywho I tell her it's my accent and some people
can't understand it. So she continues to preach and finally we are
like ok we got to go. So we pray and she likes to do the round robin
thing so. Sister Broderick prayed and then she prayed and got louder
and louder. She was holding our hands so then when she said amen she
kept holding on to my hand. She looked at me and said "The Lord told
me to tell you. It isn't an accent.....(awkward pause)...... It's a
speech impediment......." Uh...😳.... What?! Ask me how hard it was
not to laugh.... Well Grissom's and everyone in Middle Tennessee..
Surprise we now have speech impediments diagnosed by a lady minister.
So as we walk away I look at Sister Broderick and say great your going
to be a millionaire from your singing and I just have a speech
impediment!! Ah it was funny! We street contacted after.

Thursday... This morning we did service at Anisha's we painted a wall
and took down wall paper. After we went and did service for Trina! We
weeded her flower beds and laid mulch. I staked her tree for her . It
was leaning and she wanted it to grow straight up. After we were
walking to Elaine's and we met Melvin. He was really nice. He referred
us to his mom who was so nice and told us we could come back anyway so
we set up for Sunday!!! Elaine wasn't feeling well so we went
knocking!! We met 2 people who told us we could come back and share
more :)!! I think one might be a former!! After we went to Marsha's
and all the sudden President Lee was calling. He said they were in the
area and wanted to come by. So they came to Marsha's. They are so nice
and were so sweet to her. We left with them because they wanted to see
how nightly planning worked. On the way the road has a tree in the
middle of it so they wanted a picture!! They are so great!

Friday... This morning we went back to the Wade's to finish with the
border! We had lunch with them and shared the 4 minute restoration!
After we did weekly planning and then went to see Marla, she had lost
her purse. So we went to help! We shared a message with her. We then
went home for supper! After we had a lesson with Gail and Ginger came
with us! We ended the night seeing Mutt. He is moving back up to
Michigan at the end of the month.

Saturday... This morning we walked for 4 hours. But fruit of our
labors!!! We caught a LA who hasn't been seen in a while and was able
to do the 4 minute restoration with her. We found some body's front
yard that had sprinklers on and ya'll better believe I got in it. We
found 3 new people who want to learn about the gospel. One has read
the Book of Mormon and loves it. She said I don't get why people are
against it, it teaches the same thing as the Bible and goes with it
and easier to understand, amen sister! And we had an awesome lesson
with Olivia, a lady that Sister Broderick found last week on a trade
off! After we went to the church for Sister Broderick to practice with
the elders for a musical number they are doing Sunday! After we went
to Ginger's for supper and a lesson! After sister Rachael, who is
amazing, came out with us. Our lesson fell through but we were able to
see Sister Smith! She is awesome! She wants to see the quilt mom made
me so we are taking it out to show her next Saturday!

Sunday... So they called me Friday night wanting to know if I could
speak at church today. So I spoke on 'taking upon us the name of
Christ'. The musical number was awesome and people wondered why I
didn't sing uh..... No!!! I'd rather speak then sing... Yikes! After
church we had correlation then headed home to study and such. We
walked over to Betty's! She is doing awesome! She is so funny. She
loved the first part of the plan of salvation and talked about how
much it made sense. After we tried a couple people but they weren't
able to meet today. We ended the night seeing Elaine! She is so

Today we went to Macclenny and shopped then went to the sister's house.
We all came to zone pday at Lake City together. We played kick ball
and wiffle ball.

I love this gospel!! I know it can change our lives for the better
when we fully engage in it and we can find no greater happiness and
peace anywhere. It's amazing the things you learn on a mission about
what you want in the future. One thing I've been think about lately is
having an eternal perspective. Is what we doing today going to get us
where we want to end up?! Things of the world don't matter! Matthew
6:19-21, I love verse 21 which says "For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also." What we get is what we want! What do
you want most?! I love ya'll and thanks for all ya'll do for me!!!
Have a great week and remember to read your scriptures!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Sister McGregor
2. MLC

3. Sister Lee, us, and tree

4. Sprinklers!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July πŸŽ‡!! Hope the πŸ” is juicy and the homemade🍦is sweet

I hope ya'll have a great day celebrating our country!!! I read an article that Elder Christofferson put out about religious freedoms. He said “My remarks this evening are about America’s great heritage of religious liberty — and about the need for each of us to defend that heritage before it is too late.” “Religious freedom is indeed under attack... Those who question the value or even the legitimacy of religious freedom do not understand that it is woven into the very soul of America.” What an amazing thing it is that we can worship as we want, but we have to stand up for what we believe and not let it be taken out of America. Which brings me back to the scripture read challenge which will bring the spirit into your life and thus into America!! So for all of my beautiful Church of Christ, Baptist, Church of God and so forth friends and Mormons as well, I figured up all of the scriptures. So to finish the Old Testament starting today you have to read 6 pages, New Testament 3 pages and you'll finish about 2 weeks before the end of the year, Book of Mormon 3 pages, Doctrine and Covenants 2 pages, and Pearl of Great Price you just have to start by November 4 and read a page a day. I hope ya'll will choose a book to read. Make time for it because I know it'll bless your life and it is more important than anything else you could be doing. And if you want to go above and beyond, because I know you're all little over achievers, you can post a verse or something you learned that day online or share it with a friend so you are spreading the love! Ok onward!!!!! 

Monday... After pday we had dinner with Bishop and his family! Wow, she can cook so good! They are so great! They BEGGED me to play them some songs on the kazoo, but I only agree after they put the cameras away... Can you imagine what kind of publicity that would bring to me as a missionary. I'm just not ready for my career in professional kazoo playing to take of just yet! ( "I want to be a professional whistler! I'm pretty good at it now" Laura and Dacia what movie?) After bishop played guitar for us. We tried a less active after but... She wasn't home! 

Tuesday... This morning we had service at Marla's! We fixed her VCR and then helped hook some stuff up to try to get an antenna working... Yikes, that is all I have to say about that whole experience... It's still not working. After though, I got to hammer things! We fixed her mailbox. The wood had rotted underneath the mailbox so we took it all apart and cut a new piece of wood with a hacksaw. I taught Sister Broderick how to use a hacksaw... Bless it! But she got that 2x4 sawed! We even went above and beyond and "recknecked" the door on the mailbox to get it to stay on!!! After we shared a message. We then went and saw Prisicilla and shared a message with her. After we had Corelation at the church with the elders and Brother Matt. After supper we went and tried to find a road.. Surprise they name old loggin roads down her and put them in the map so uh... Yeah no one lived there so we went knocking close by! We met an awesome lady name Daiquiri who told us we could come back tomorrow! She's so nice! Her dog followed us around the rest of the night it was awesome! Today a member called and told us about her friend who is interested in learning about the gospel! I'm so exited!!! We set up a time for Sunday! Tonight I got an email from mom that Pat Summitt died πŸ˜”! And for anyone who might not know she is the winningest coach of college basketball men or women's! And she of course coached at Tennessee for the Lady Vols! Sad day! 

Wednesday... Today we had a trade off with Macclenny. We drove up to their house this morning but their had been some miss communication so I quickly double planned for our area and Sister Clay packed a bag too and we all came back to Lake Butler. We went and did service for Sister Jenny. After we went to see Betty it was her birthday! She was so excited! She said she figured we would forget! Oh no Betty missionaries never forget when someone says we can come by ;)!! After we had supper. Sister Stepherson and I went tracting after. Man one day I'll know all the members and won't knock into them but... Until then it keeps me on my toes!! We ran into a preacher and his wife who let us right in... Yikes! He could rattle off stuff quicker than you could say anything. But he was way nice! After we went to see Trina! She is so awesome!

Thursday... This morning we got ready for zone conference and drive down to have lunch together to have lunch with the other sisters in Lake City! We went to Chickfila of course :)!!! I got one of their peach milkshakes I've heard SO much about. It was pretty good. After we had zone conference! President and Sister Lee are so awesome! I'm really excited for them to be here. Even though I only get to serve with them for 3 months. After we took the Macclenny sisters home. Sister Broderick got a new iPad today so we drive to our church to set it up. After we had supper with Elaine and some other members! It was truly southern :)!! Roast, potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob, cream corn, and biscuits! It was good! After we went and saw Marsha :)!! 

Friday... This morning we went to help Sister Sandra Wade take down the boarder in one of her bed rooms... Well we were making the progress of a sloth. So we called Anisha and asked to borrow her steamer. Sister Wade went and got it. After the top layer came off easy. The bottom layer well do this week. We just have to get it wet then use a puddy knife! We had lunch with her and Rusty! After we came home and did weekly planning really fast. Thank heavens that Sister Broderick had an iPad that she could finally use. We then drive to meet Kingsland sisters for a trade off. I went to Kingsland GA with Sister Clemens and Sister Brian came here with Sister Broderick. Sister Clemens and I went straight to a dinner with he bishop's wife at Wendy's! After we went tracting. People are funny one guy told us it was to late to be out and the sun was still up... Crazy!! Anywho GUESS WHAT..... After we went to see someone and turns out the husband was born and raised in York ,Tennessee. Home Fry (aka Mrs Binkley) do you know the Poore family?! Anywho turns out they lived in Cookeville for awhile after he was married to his wife. He's been to Spencer and knows all about Fall Creek Falls! Ah it's a beautiful thing when you run into a fellow Volunteer! 

Saturday... This morning we tried potentials! After we went and met the sisters to trade back. Sister Broderick and I got ice cream before heading back to Lake Butler! We came to the apartment and Sister Brian had drawn me a picture. My calendar this month has a picture of a black bear and she'd drawn on a post it note dad running to a van. Haha, I died it's great! After we went to see the Delgado's and learned.... THEY ARE MAKING A LIVE ACTION TARZAN!!!! And by making I mean it's out in theaters... What?!?! Disney you're killin me... First Jungle Book and now Tarzan! I don't know who is suppose to be keeping me up to date with this stuff but your failing ha!!! Anyways we had a great lesson. As we we're about to leave I noticed a gun that looked like a nerf gun... Uh no... It's called 'bug a-salt' and it shoots salt. It's to kill flies and bugs in your house. It was so awesome so I shot it :)!!! After we went to see Carol Mann!! Our appointment after canceled so we walked up by the lake and saw an awesome sunset! We had to call bishop and put some things in on the iPad.

Sunday... Church was good. We haven't been able to get a hold of Tony all week so... Don't know what's happened to him. And the lessons we had with the members friend got pushed back to later his week because she got caught in Jacksonville. After studies we went to see Betty. She was playing monopoly with 3 of her friends! They are crazy!!! She had 2 new friends there we hadn't met! We had a great short lesson and one of her friends asked where she could get a Book of Mormon! Ask and ye shall receive!! She told us where she lived and told us to come by! After we went and saw Gail! We had a good lesson with her. We then went to supper at the Sharrah's. Her parents and sisters were there too. I talked to her dad about logging, that's what he did growing up. Their crew sounds about as crazy as ours... Racing on skitters to the log yard and flippin them, dad cutting trees on people haha... Yikes!!! Anyways Brother Sharrah tried to fix my iPad storage issue but yeah... It just needs to be reset. Anywho after we went and saw Elaine! She is so funny!!! 

Monday.. Today we are just relaxing. Not a ton to do in Lake Butler. But tonight they are shooting off fireworks over the lake so I'm excited about that :)!!! I hope ya'll have a great day and week! Thanks for all you do!!! Don't forget to read the scriptures!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Beautiful sky and I need a picture like this with all comps...
2. Betty's birthday
3. Zone conference
4. Sister Stepherson and I 
5. Sister Clemens and I
6. Big a salt... Clever!
7. Beautiful sky at the lake