Monday, June 27, 2016

Good mornin star shine!! (Name that movie)

Hello friends are family! I just want ya'll to know ya'll are awesome
and I am so thankful for ya'll!!!

Monday... After pday we tried potentials and went tracting. We met a
guy that was so nice. He'd talked to missionaries before. He said
"does this mean ya'll are going to come by every week now." We then
explained we only come back when people say we can. If people were
just honest with us we wouldn't come back if they aren't interested.
He told us he wasn't interested right now. I love honest people! After
we had a lesson with Jake and Lisa! It was great!

Tuesday... This morning we went and did service at Jenny's! We talked
to her for.... A while! We went tracting after and met 2 people who
were super nice and listened to the message that we had to share!
Today was kind of slow! We ended the night walking around the town
trying potentials! We met a lady who said we could come back later. We
also met an older couple who said we could come back when they were
home and hey might let us wash their car haha!

Wednesday... Today we had a trade off and BLESSIN!!! They are back to
the old way this transfer where one set stays in one area and one goes
to the other sisters area. So I stayed in Lake Butler with Sister
Morgenthaler! After studies we went to do service for some members.
They bought some land that had old pens on it and it's all grown up.
The elders came too and we tore part of them down! After we went to
Sister Erin's for lunch! It was really good. We went to Marla's
after, she wanted us to fix her chicken pen. The door was old, so it
had pulled away at the bottom and the chickens could get out. So we
dug a hole and put a board in it to pull the door forward. And then
had to nail some boards around. But it is fixed and the chickens can't
get out! We went home for supper. After we walked to see Elaine and
her granddaughter Elizabeth was there. We had a good lesson with them!
Tonight the sisters came back here because we have to leave early for
zone conference.

Thursday... This morning we all rode down together to Gainesville! We
had a departing zone conference for the Craig's. So crazy they are
really going home! But blessing! Sister Malm was there so that was
awesome! After we had district meeting! They didn't provide lunch just
snacks so... After DM we went out to eat lunch with Sister Malm and
her companions and the sisters in our zone in Lake City :)!!! We went
to Blaze! After we came back home. We headed out to go tracting and
who met us... Mutt, we talked to him about if he really wanted to
learn about the church and if he would really pray about it. He said
he wanted to learn so we set up time to see him tomorrow. We didn't
find anyone interested while we were knocking, matter of fact one lady
ran away haha! People are so funny! We ended the night seeing Marsha!
She is so awesome!!!

Friday... This morning we worked on a map for our area and made it
neat and organized! After we had a lesson with Anese. She is someone
the other sisters had found! After we came home and did weekly
planning!!! We met with the bishop and elders to talk about the area.
After we had dinner with Sandra and Rusty Wade!!! They are so
awesome!!! It was so good! After we had a lesson with Mutt.

Saturday... This was the most productive Saturday since I've been in
Lake Butler! So yesterday my companion agreed and said she thinks we
should focus on less actives... Ask me if I'm happy!!! So we headed
out and had a lesson with one LA and it was.... Interesting! After we
went and saw the Delgado's they just got moved back into our ward.
They aren't able to come because they take care of their mom. After we
headed to Carol Mann's, that lady is a hoot! We had supper. We stopped
by Sister Erin's to talk about some of the sisters! We then met the
Romrell's. We ended the night with Trina Craig! It was a good day!!!

Sunday... So blessed day!!! Church was good today! The elders sent a
referral to us a few weeks ago and we finally met up with him after
church today! His name is Tony! We taught the restoration and he loved
it! We committed him to be baptized on July 23 if he comes to know
that the message is true and he said yes! He is so sincere! Most
sincere person that I've taught in a while and you can tell he is
searching! It's awesome! After we went and had a lesson with
Prisicilla and her granddaughter was there who isn't a member. She
wants to learn more too! We then picked up our supper from a family
because one of their kids got sick at church! We had to go see Betty
but she wasn't feeling to good. While we were over there we got a bag
full of silver queen corn on the cob :)!!! BLESSIN from heaven :)!!
After we finally got home to study and had supper after! We then
decided to walk the rest of the night because our appointment
canceled. We stopped by David's to set up a time to work on the pallet
fence and we talked to him about all the miracles Christ performed! We
tried potentials after! As we were walking there was a guy on the side
of the road, so we of course talked to him. Turns out he is a member
but doesn't come cause of work. We were able to teach him while he was
waiting on his ride to work! THEN..... We were headed home for the
night and there was a fellar walking. We started talking to him and he
said he just came from the worse place he could think of. We started talking
about God's love for all of us and how we can change. He started
crying. We shared a couple of scriptures with him and talked about
Christ. He thanked us over and over and said he really needed it! It
was awesome. He doesn't really live in our area but we got his
information to send over to someone! It was great!!!

This week we were blessed to be able to teach a lot of people. I can't
believe it is almost July! Thanks for all ya'll do for me and the
support that I have because I couldn't do it without ya'll. This week
I've been thinking a lot about what I can do to increase my
spirituality level and also those around me. It made me think of a
quote from Elder Scott that says, "Don’t yield to Satan’s lie that you
don’t have time to study the scriptures. Choose to take time to study
them. Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than
sleep, school, work, television shows, video games, or social media.
You may need to reorganize your priorities to provide time for the
study of the word of God. If so, do it!" I know that scripture study
is one of the most crucial things that we can do to increase the
spirit in our lives. I would like to challenge all ya'll to read the
scriptures everyday. I can promise that you will see a change because
they were written by inspired prophets and apostles of God! *if you
start the Book of Mormon now and read 3 pages a day you will be done
by Christmas! Not sure about Old and New Testament haven't figured it
up yet! Love and miss ya'll!

Love always,
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Service

2. Craig's

3. They wanted a picture with the the dynamic duo ;)

4. Best friends!!

5. Lunch

6. Yay Sister Broderick and I finally took a picture together!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Rain showers.... Bring wet missionaries

So... HAPPY FATHERS DAY, Jimmy Lowell!!! You're the best.... Yesterday
I was thinking about all the memories of my dad and I decided to
depict my favorite one... It was when mom made him get out to take a
picture of a bear in the Smoky's... He's willing to help out anyway he
can. See attached photo!!! I have the best dad and then I started
thinking about our Heavenly Father... And how much He loves us and
willing to do anything He can for us too. We are so blessed to have
such a loving and merciful Father in Heaven who never gives up. Makes
me think of the poem 'The Touch of the Masters hand' we are all
battered but He knows how to help us! It's amazing!!!

Monday and Tuesday... I was in Dunn Ave... We knocked doors and taught
people pretty much!!! We did do service at Celestial Farms! That was
pretty fun! Sister Bryans was sick so we stayed in some too. I worked
on my area book while she was resting.

Wednesday... So this morning was adventurous.... We had to put the
bike rack back on... So hear I am under this car in a skirt... Pretty
I know... Well the screw is stripped and won't tighten right we
can't get it back off... We took it too Goodyear and they got it off
using an air wrench... Yikes! So we call our mission people and they
say they will bring us a new bolt to transfers... Well we get there
and they hand it to me and so I'm back on the ground in a skirt but
this time with 2 senior couple elders watching me and all these other
missionaries... Skirts are ridiculous is all I got to say! Anyways...
The bike rack is back together and all is well!!! Amazing what good
tools can do! On to more important things like I got to see Casey,
Kyrsten, and Sister Malm!!! Which automatically makes it a great day!
I met up with Sister Broderick. After transfer we ate lunch and went
emergency shopping! We then went and did service for Sister Ginger! We
cleaned her house and washed her windows.... Be it known that I am the
worst window washer in the world... Oh wells!!! After we saw Sister
Prisicilla! She is so great! We ended the night with Sister Broderick
meeting bishop at the church!!!

Thursday... Today was something else..... We had such a booked day and
everybody and their dog canceled.... So we went tracting parking at
the church... Well when we're about a mile away it decides to start
storming... I love missionary swimming in the rain! But not when I
just have my iPad and a Book of Mormon. So I put it under my shirt and
we hurry to the RS presidents house. Well she wasn't home... But her
table umbrella was laying on her back porch so we pick it up and get
under it! A member calls us who had seen us earlier and came to our
rescue! We tracted, tried potentials, and LA's the rest of the
afternoon with no luck the only person that'd talk to us was a little
boy! We did find an older couple. I don't know how interested they
were! It was finally supper time. We ate with the Smith's! They are
awesome!!! We ended the night seeing Marsha!!!

Friday... Today we had weekly planning. After we did service for
Sister Marla! We cleaned her ceiling fans. The one in the kitchen was
so loose. I took it apart and put it back together! After we tried to
see Josh but he is..... Umm... Out of service for a little bit. So we
the went tracting but we ran into Gena and Billy. She recently got
baptized and Billy is someone the elders are teaching. They are so
nice! We then had a lesson with Carol Mann!

Saturday... This morning we went to see Prisicilla! After we went
tracting and found one man that told us we could come back, he'd met
with missionaries before. After we had a lesson with Gail. She is
still doing good! She's so great! As we were leaving her nephew said,
"I sure wish I had a Book of Mormon to read!" Well we can help you
with that! It was raining like crazy when we left so we called
potentials! After we went to see Betty she canceled and rescheduled
for tomorrow. We came back home for dinner. After we went walking to
visit people, and our neighbor was unloading a washer... So we helped
him. We talked to them for a while. He gave us a bag of home made
cream corn:)!!! So excited!!! Mom have you ever heard of a corn
cutter! Blew my mind, I've only seen you do it by hand with a knife!!!
After we tried people with not much luck but we did find a kitten that
followed us like a dog!!!

Sunday... So we had 4 less actives at church today! After we went and
saw Betty! She is so awesome! She has never been baptized and said she
would be if she knows it's true!!! She's so awesome! She calls me
daughter haha! After we went to supper at the Gibsons and guess
what...... THEY GAVE ME A POCKET KNIFE!!!! Ask me if I'm excited!!!
After we were knocking and found this awesome guy Jake! He invited us
back tonight and asked where he could get a Book of Mormon from!!!! So
we're excited!!!! We then saw Trina and she asked me about taking her
dog again!

TODAY BEST DAY EVER!!!!! Guess who came to Lake Butler, Casey and
Bethany!!!! Casey called me all sly this morning saying she would be
passing through this week and wondering where we lived so she could
take us out to eat... Then we are at the church and I hear someone
holler and it's them!!! I ran down the hall and pretty much tackled
Bethany!!! It was so great to see her again!!! Casey and her are the
best!! Ahh best day!! I love them so much!!!!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Transfers with matching vans

2. Depiction of my dad haha

3. Pocket knife cause I'm that proud!!!

4-5. Dah I just love them!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

At least 6 more weeks in Lake Butler!!!