Monday, October 10, 2016

Going out with a bang!!!

So uh yeah...... most exciting week of my mission!!! It has been so fun! So let's get too it! 

Wow ok....

Monday... after pday we had dinner at Britani and Cliff Gerald's! They have a pet squirrel and I had flashbacks to good ol Kuzco! I miss that little guy! Squirrels are some of the most entertaining animals! After Britani came with us to see Burt! 

Tuesday... Guess who we saw this morning... Anyone..... EZRA!!!! Blessin! He is still doing great! He said he always prays for me and my companion and that he thinks about the church a lot! Ah he is so great! After we went to have lunch because some service fell through! We then had a golden hour! After we went to Casey's for service and made people some pumpkin bread! And by we made I mean Casey did and we supported her! We then went to dinner at the Carney's. It was great! After we went back and picked up the bread. We then went to try a referral we had met early who asked us to come back later. She was still busy so we dropped off the bread! We then went to try Gwen! Blessing! She had just had surgery that day and didn't have any bread so BLESSIN! Because we were there with bread! We went to see Brian after.

Wednesday... This morning we went to do service for Frank! It was great! We also found a baby possum in a tree. Then it jumped out of the tree haha! After we had a lesson! We then went home and cleaned up and went to see Shawn. We had Danielle come with us too! It was great! We then went and saw Joe and had a lesson with him. After we went to eat at the Orange Buffet! After we tried people then we met Wendy Smith at the church and went to try so LA's. We were being missionaries and in a lesson and everyone decided to freak out. So when we got out and had 14 missed calls from zone leaders, district leaders, some sisters, and President Lee! Well apparently they wanted us to evacuate to Macclenny! So we went home and packed and headed to Macclenny! We were their with Sister Beach and Sister Stepherson and the Timiquana sisters.

Thursday... We had a mission wide conference call this morning for instruction! Today we went and helped at an alpaca farm! I bonded very quickly with Otis the pig. He came and laid beside me! We fixed her garage so she could put her alpacas in there! After we went to dinner at a members there who is going to be sixtuplites blessed cause she fed all of us! After we just went to the house. We played with a blow up volleyball. Then we got creative and played volleyball over a futon and we had to lay on our backs! 

Friday... We had another conference call! We weekly planned and then went to the church to sync and played basketball! It was a party! Sister Beach was teaching me piano too! She is so awesome and patient... Yikes!!! I came out with her. So we talked about that!!! Then we went back to the house and made curry and played some Mormon games!

Saturday... Hallelujah we got told we could go home! Yay!!! We went straight to.. Chick-fil-A and then momma Faye's and helped cut a tree off her house! After we went to the Jensen's and cut a massive tree at there house.. then we went across the road to a less actives and cut his tree. THEN... we went to Middleburg! Wow some people with chainsaws! Family just wait till I get home to tell ya'll the stories!!! But it was all entertaining to watch and the jobs got done! Bishop took us to Chick-fil-A after. Sister Bedwell wasn't feeling well so we called and got permission to stay in the rest of the night. 

Sunday.... We had a lesson with Joe at church! We only had an hour of church then we all divided into teams. We went and helped a guy with some hand held clippers cut down 2 massive pecan trees and a smaller tree! We then went to Casey's for dinner. We went and spent the evening with the Lee's and we kind of did part of my exit interview and helped Sister Lee! Well it ended up being late so.... we got to sleep over! Have I ever told ya'll how much I love the Lee's!!! Ahh they are so much fun! I laughed so much!

Monday... this morning we ate breakfast together and talked. President talked to me again because of his concern for lack of LDS prospects yikes... ha he is so funny!!! Good times! Then we went with Casey and Kristy but uh.... I can't tell ya'll all we did because ya'll would be jealous. But we ate this food! Wow it was great!!! This week is going to be fantastic!!!

Wow I love the church! It's true as sure as the sky is blue! Blessin! Wow so blessed! Have a great week! Love ya'll!
Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

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3. Me and Otis
4. Us

5. Carney's
6. Yeah
7. President And Sister Lee
8. More service
9. More fun

Monday, October 3, 2016

Did you know.... That there is a Prophet on the Earth today?!?! Blessin'

Wow was conference good or what? My favorite talk was by Elder Uchtdorf, of course, but it was so good! We are seriously so blessed and do we realize it? Do we take it for granted? Eternal families, priesthood, a living Prophet and 12 apostles, scriptures, and just wow!! We are the most blessed people on the Earth and I just wanted to let ya'll all know that!!! So clearly I really enjoyed conference!!!

Monday... So after Pday we had an interesting encounter! We were headed to someones house and there was a man on the street we stopped to talk to! He had some very interesting beliefs! But he was nice! After we went to try someone but they weren't home so we went tracting and.. MIRACLE!!! We were just knocking doors we felt good about and talking to people outside! Well we get to the last house on the street (4th floor, last door anyone?!)! Anyways, we knocked on the door and this lady comes out in a rush and says she doesn't have time! Sister Bedwell gives her a card and we leave! Well we get to the end of the street and decide to walk back up the street! Well this guy comes out of that house we knocked and starts up the street, but he sees us and comes walking up. He asked if we were the church people! He said he had been taught by missionaries before, in 2010! He said he was interested in learning more!! Wow, crazy!!! Usually we chase people down not the other way around but it was so great!! After we went to Jessica's house! We biked home and we may or may not of got DQ... Ya'll can be the judge, but we did learn about righteous judgement in conference!!!

Tuesday... So this morning after lunch we went for me to do My Plan because Friday is kind of booked! After we saw Peggy! We had a good little lesson for her! We took pictures after on the train tracks because Sis Bedwell was responsible for the gender reveal of her brother's baby. So we did that and took a companion photo too! She's going to have a niece if anyone is wondering! So after we biked to the Evan's and had a great lessons! We then went tracting and met a super nice lady who's parents were devote members of the church, but she wasn't interested! After we saw Kristen briefly! We then biked home for dinner! After we biked to Brian's and shared a little message with him! We had a bishopric tradeoff tonight. The Willis's came out with us and we went and saw the Norton's and Burt!

Wednesday... We had district meeting this morning! After we went to Mandarin with Casey for lunch and to pick up the car! Because of some unexpected events we now have the car full time for the rest of the transfer! Blessin! We came back to Orange Park and tried people. We went tracting and met a nice guy! We are going back to see him this week! We then went to dinner at the Smith's! After Sister Smith came out with us and we went to see the Perkins. After we tried several people who weren't home! We ended at the church for correlation!

Thursday... This morning we went to see Kristen but she wasn't feeling well! We went to Britani's for service! We helped paint her kitchen! After We met Sister Crews and went to see Shawn, the guy from Monday! We had a great lesson with him!! After we went tracting! We went to try, Deedra, a lady Sister Brian and I found! Wow she was so happy to see us! You would of thought that we were best friends! So we had a really good visit with her! We then went to the Crews for dinner! After we met Sister Evans and we went to see Brother Dobson! We had a really good lesson with him. We then went to the church and met with Charlie!

Friday... This morning we went to see Russ! After we did weekly planning! Its was awesome!! We did a golden hour after! We went to Casey's for supper :)!! We then went and met Marlene! We went to try someone on her visiting teaching list! They weren't home! We then went to see Bobbie!!

Saturday...  This morning we went to see Donovan before conference! We went to church for conference! After we went and saw Sister Puckett and told her about conference! We then went to try some potentials before the next session! We went back to the church and watched it! After we went to Casey's for dinner again and we had shrimp!! That Mark almost caught! Small fry emoji!!! Then I went on a split with Casey! Blessin! She is so great! We went to see Charlotte Batten and the Lotts! At Charlotte's we set up a birthday lunch next week because her birthday is the 14th!! 

Sunday... We had a lesson with Joe before conference! Conference was great! Joe and Donovan were there! Burt is sore from a fall he had so he didn't come! Between sessions we went tracting! We watched the last session and Joe came to it too! After we went to supper at the La Fontaine's! We ended the night at the Lehman's!!! 

Monday... Today we did some shopping and went to the mall! Went to bath and body works and bought some smell good things! They were of course having a sale so I of course bought 2 and got 1 free!! But that's all I bought! Blessing!!! 

Wow can I just tell ya'll some amazing facts just to let you know how much more we are blessed than we realize!!! Some smart Elder figured this all out not me but wow I'm so thankful for smart people!!! So there are around 7.3 billion people in the world. 1 out of 3 are Christian (blessin'), 1 out of 486 are Mormon (double blessin'), 1 out of 92,405 are missionaries (triple blessin'), 1 out of 30,219,895 are serving in the Florida Jacksonville Mission (quadruple blessin'), and chances are 1 out 3,650,000,000 that you serve with the person you are serving with (see Sierra it was a miracle we got to be companions, wow biggest blessin!)!!! I am just SO grateful that I have been able to serve my Savior and King and to testify that He truly is the Son of God. Not everyone is blessed enough to have this knowledge or the knowledge of the restored gospel but I'm so thankful that I have had to opportunity to share it for the last 18 months of my life!! That is the real blessing!!! 

I love ya'll and am so thankful for the support and love I have received throughout my whole mission! How am I so blessed?? Because I have a loving Heavenly Father who wants nothing but the best for me. I definitely don't deserve it, but I'm grateful for it! I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of Him!!! Don't forget to read your scriptures!!!

Love Always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom

1. Sister Evans
2. Railroad tract picture
3. District Picture
4. Marlene 
5. Us

Monday, September 26, 2016

I say it's GREAT to be a Tennessee Vol!!!!!

Can someone say blessin' because I sure can!!! I am so excited about the Tennessee game! But we will get to that! But I of course had to start with that!

Monday... This past Monday after pday we went to an appointment but they had to cancel so we went over to Casey's for dinner! After we had to run the Oakleaf sisters home! We then came back for an appointment that fell through too so we spent the rest of the night trying to contact people we'd never met that are in our areabook! 

Tuesday... Wow we are loving missionaries and care a lot about people and.... We got up and went to early morning seminary! Which meant we got up at 5:46am, we had to be there at 5:55! Well that was my alarm Sister B had like 500 going off! But anyways, we went and taught them about tagging scriptures on LDS tools and all kinds of stuff then we got to sit in for the lesson! It was awesome! We went home and studied after! We went and did service at the clothes closet! We had lunch after then went to the Evans for a lesson! We then went and did a golden hour! We were literally running house to house because our message is that important and.... It may or may not have been raining! But our message really is that important! We met one lady who was looking for a new church and she said that we could come back and share more with her! Yay!! After we went and ate at the Carney's! It was so good! They are so great! Brother Carney played his guitar for us! We then went to see someone and it was sketchy but anywho we moved on and went to see Burt with Britani! We had a good visit with him!

Wednesday... We had district meeting this morning! After we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch : )!!! I love that place!! after we went to see Diane, but they weren't doing well today but.... BLESSIN' she's been reading from the Book of Mormon!!! Wow! I love when people don't have hard hearts and are willing to experiment! I mean the Bible tells us you will know the word of God when you read it! So you'll either know it's God's word or just a book that talks a lot about Christ! But you have to be sincere! Ok moving on! After we went to Casey's and we are FOR REALZ done with taking down wallpaper! Momma Faye decided she wanted the baseboards taken off and everything behind them removed too! So we are done! After we went tracting and no one was interested but we lifted a warning voice! And hey the quicker "every ear shall hear" the quicker the 2nd coming will happen! Yeah!!!! After we had dinner at the apartment, a member started dinner to late so she ordered us a pizza and had it delivered! After we tried some people until church! Well it was Alyssa Smith's birthday so I may or may not of whipped out my kazoo and we busted into young women's singing happy birthday!! After we had Ward Correlation! 

Thursday... This morning we went to see Kristen! We had a good visit with her! After we tried Frank but he wasn't home so we stopped by the McGill's! They are doing good but are super busy! But hopefully we will see them soon! We went tracting and.... Met 2 people who want to learn about the church! Blessin!!! Oh and we may or may not of got dissed by a catholic lady! She tried to act all nice and stuff but we asked her what religion she was and she said "I'm catholic. We don't do evangelist, I believe that is the down fall of religions!" Wow thank you lady! But hey as Paul said, "We went away rejoicing that we were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name"! After we went to see Vicki! We talked with her briefly! We then went to the convenience store again! Ahhh... But I did good this time! We went to get gas and... maybe a slurpee! Don't worry! After we tried some people on our visiting teaching route. We caught one at home. She was nice. We had dinner with the Moss family! We ended the night seeing Charlie! Then we went to see Bobbie!  

Friday... This morning we had Amy! It was a great lesson! After we had an apartment check by Elder and Sister Cengiz! There may or may not of been a nerf gun involved when they came through the door. That's all I have to say about that! After we did weekly planning then went to the church for me to do my plan! After we had dinner with Burt! We went to eat at an Italian place! Annie Green came out with us the rest of the night! We went to see Charlotte and the Lott's!

Saturday... Today was busy! We had a lesson with Sister Puckett this morning! And we did the towel chicken story (don't worry family you only have a few more weeks then you can see it) I know ya'll are excited...! After we went to see the Norton's and.. Surprise they needed some service so I jumped on that and Joyce went and got me one of her tshirts. They needed their gutters cleaned out. I won't go into details but gutters are easier to clean from the roof not a ladder and a pressure washer was involved. They had one part though that is a car port but can't handle much weight and the pressure washer could get it all off. So I blew it as far as I could and we then used a rake, broom, ladder, and wheelchair to finished dragging it from the far end. It was special but we got it done! After we went to Donovan's and had a good visit with him! We then hurried to Stefanie's! She is so Awesome!!! We then knocked some doors and one had a not so pretty orange and blue mailbox and we all know what today is... The big game! But I wasn't thinking about it and they came out (in their gator apparel) and I asked them if they were watching the game. I told them I was a Tennessee fan! They proudly told me we were loosing! Well we went to dinner and President Crews came down stairs and rubs in that we are loosing 21-0! Well we all know how the game ended and it was a blessed day haha!! We ended the night at an ice cream social before the Women's Broadcast! It was SO GOOD!!!! And if you didn't watch it then you missed out and go watch it, because it is so good! Talking about having faith in hard times! Ok look around you and raise your hand if you don't need it! Ok!!

Sunday... So church Burt, Joe, and DONOVAN came!!! Yay!! It was awesome!! After the Elders taught Joe and we went to lunch at the Buckman's! We then had an appointment cancel so we went tracting! So interesting story this guy came out and told us he is black and that all of America is racist and he hates it. Meanwhile, I am darker than him. But he said No I am black and you are white. He's actually Puerto Rican! Well anyways we tell him that God loves all of us the same and he is loved and we like him! He was crazy and then! As we were walking away he tells me I am racist and that Sister Bedwell is not haha! Oh man, fun times!! But I forgive him! He was crazy, like legit! Oh and... We met a man and somehow we got to Aloe drinks! Anyone remember the picture I sent over a year ago in Ocala of the massive Aloe drink! Well he says they have them here at Big Lots! Blessin!!!!! So ya'll better believe I'll be getting some of those!! It's not the Aloe brand but he said they are still good! Yay!!! After we went to dinner at the La Fontaine's! It was good! We then went to see Frank! We ended the night seeing the Lehman's and Sister Smith came with us! It was great!!!    

And today we played basketball at the gym with Casey, Kristy, and Marlene because they are the best and we can always rely on them!!! I am so thankful for them!!! 

So this week we read with someone the rest of the talk "What is the Blueprint of Christ's Church"! It's an amazing talk and if you've ever wondered where we get our doctrines and the things we teach. Well you might be surprised to know that all we teach had doctrinal backing to the Bible! This talk just shows that, so I put the link to it and I would invite everyone to read it because it is awesome!!!!  I hope ya'll have a blessed week! Don't forget to read your scriptures this week!!!  

Oh and also, General conference is this Saturday and Sunday from 12-2 and 4-6 eastern time! They are wonderful uplifting messages about how we can follow Christ more fully! So whether you are Mormon or not it don't matter! We don't discriminate!!! Anywho have a great week!!! 

Love ya'll!!
Sister Grissom

1. Yay the Tennessee vs Florida game!!
2. Can ya'll see the little geico!! 
3. Last pday at Treaty Oak!
4. Us with Charlotte, no we aren't giants! She's just little! 
5. Doing service!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Biking emoji, wig emoji, and laughing emoji

Monday... So after we went to Casey's for dinner! After she dropped us
off at an appointment who wasn't home so... Miracle we got to go
tracting!! We didn't find anyone but we did get to talk to people! We
ended the night at Jessica's! Casey picked us up after with... Cookie
dough  flautas hello heaven!!! Fried thing with cookie dough in it!
What part of that doesn't sound good!

Tuesday... This morning we had zone meeting! It was was good! After
all the sisters went to Panera for lunch! It was a good time!!! We
went to see the Dobson's but his wife was asleep so... We couldn't go in
and teach him! We then went to do some tracting and we met an awesome
lady! We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she wanted to read it
and for us to come back! Yay!!!! After we had dinner with the
Woolbright's! After we biked to try Bryan's and miracle we got to have
a lesson with him! We then biked home to meet Sister Jensen! All our
appointments fell through so we tried a lot of people! We met a couple
people but no lessons! So we went and got ice cream ha!

Wednesday... So this morning we went to see Kristen! We did some
service with her and then had a lesson! We then biked to Casey's and
did service on her walls again! I guess ya'll could pretty much call
us professionals!!! After we had dinner with the Evans! Sister Evans
came with us after to a lesson! The lady wasn't there but her son was
so... We taught him! Yay!! After we went to church to help with in the
Activity Day girls who.... Made us cookie dough!! Blessin!!!! We ended
the night with Ward correlation!

Thursday... This morning we were headed to a lesson with Sister
Nettles! But the lady wasn't home so we went back to Sister Nettles
and helped her set up some stuff! After we went back to the ladies
house and she was home! Yay!! We taught plan of salvation and she
loved it! After we went tracting! We met a guy that told us we can
come back! We then got picked up by Casey and went to help with her
walls more! We then had dinner with the Crews family! They are so
awesome! We then went to a relief society night and helped with it!
After we did street contacting!

Friday...  This morning we did good ol weekly planning and after we
went to the church to do my plan! We then went and did some service
for Casey! You know it's a good week when you get to be with Casey so
much!! After we did tracting and met an awesome lady! We then went
back to Casey's and had dinner!! She came with us after to see
Charlotte Batten! Which of course was a good time!

Saturday... Pretty sure we biked about 30 miles today ha! It was
great! We started out seeing Sister Puckett! We then went to see
Donovan but tried people a long the way! We had a great lesson with
him! After we did some tracting but didn't really meet anyone very
interested! After we were suppose to see Jason and Cliff came but.. He
wasn't back from his work trip yet. So we biked home and stopped at a
gas station! We got slurpees and wow did ya'll know they make Reece
cups with Reece pieces in them! Wow! It is so good! I highly recommend
it! After dinner, Britani came and picked us up and went out with us
the rest of the night. We saw Laura and her boys, the Cranks, and then
ended the night at Burts.

Sunday... Today was great! Church was good and the sisters asked if
they could keep the car because they had been sick so uh... Good thing
we are charitable! So we walked home and then biked to see Bobbie
because yay, he's alive!!! After we biked home and took our lunch and
dinner together! Best idea ever! So after there was a 'Why I Believe'
devotional at the church. It was 3 stake event and a recent convert
from each stake told their conversion story and there was music! Do
ya'll remember Wesley that got baptized last year in OP! Well he did
his it was good! President and Sister Lee were there! I love them so
much! They both bore their testimony! President Lee had all the
missionaries there come up and recite the standard of truth. It was so
powerful! Wow! I love being a missionary! It is so amazing!!! After we
had a lesson with Charlie finally! We just had it at the church and
Brother Buchman stayed with us! It was really good and after they
dropped us off at the Lehmans! We had a good lesson with them! They
brought us home after!

Today we came downtown with Casey and Kristy and a bunch of
missionaries like Sisters Elwood, Dahle, Periera, and Tullis! We are
just sight seeing and eating of course!!!

I love being a missionary! I love this gospel! I love being able to
testify everyday if truth! General Conference is coming up soon! I'm
so excited! Don't forget about the women's conference this weekend and
to read your scriptures! You can't ask for help or questions if you
don't help yourself! Have a great week!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Kiss a frog? Nah a lizard!!!

2. So we really like our long hair! Yay

3. Zone meeting

4. Hey ain't this neat! It wasn't my idea but.. It's still awesome! I
love the scriptures!

5. Treaty oak... A year later but.... 5 people stil the same! Bethany
and Max where are ya'll!!!!

6. Anyone remember this spot? Christmas family photo anyone?? Hello
Sweet Pete's!!! I love these two!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Called to serve emoji

So uh... For those of ya'll that know me well will understand this
photo  that this mother sent me! And I just wanted to start my email
with a testimony that this is true! Don't scar your children when they
are young from short hair, or drive them to put miracle grow on it to
make it grow... Not that I did that....... But moving on!!!!

Monday... After pday was over we went to Casey's for our Labor Day
supper! Yay! The Culler's were there too! After we went to see Jessica!
We had a good visit with her then biked home and talked to people. The
Oakleaf sisters got the car today and for part of tomorrow because hey
need it for an appointment!

Tuesday... Today we had a short district meeting! After we had service
at the clothes closet! We then biked to our appointment with Craig. On
the way we met a guy  and when he told us his name I thought he was a
less active. So after we got to our appointment I checked and he was,
but he didn't tell us that. However, we'd set up an appointment with
him for tomorrow. We had a good lesson with Craig! We then met the
Oakleaf sisters and took them out to their apartment in Oakleaf. On
the way out we saw Kristy Culler driving next to us. So we were waving
and honking and wow she was so zoned out! But we followed her to her
house since it was on the way! After we got Bruster's because.....
Well you don't always have to have a reason ok! We then went to dinner
at the younger Gerald's house. We didn't end up getting to stay long
and we went to meet Sister Jensen! We tried potentials become our
appointment fell through and we were able to set a return appointment
with a man. We ended the night at Burt's.

Wednesday... This morning we went to see Kristen! After we went to
Casey's to do service! We helped take wall paper down in her moms
kitchen! And she made us lunch :)!!! Her famous grill cheese of course
:)!!! We then went to do a golden hour. We walked down the road to a
formers! He was awesome! And we taught him the restoration and set up
a return appointment. He even played his guitar for us. We then went
to Nancy and Wayne's for dinner :)!! It was good! Wayne had painted me
a beach scene on a canvas! It's so good! Ahh he is the best! After we
went to our appointment with the less active who doesn't know we
know.... So yeah it was a weird. Super solid lesson and he played like
he wasn't a member the whole time it was strange. So we went and found
out more about him from the bishop... Yeah weird! Anyways! We ended
the night with a phone lesson with Joe!

Thursday... This morning we tried some potentials before heading over
to see Amy. We actually found her back at the beginning of August but
we called her and set this appointment up! Blessin!!! It was so good!
After we went to help Casey again because uh... That wallpaper really
loves the wall and just doesn't let go! So Casey played "let it go" to
it jokes but that would of been funny!! And blessin! Kylie was there
from FI! She's so funny! After we went to see Stefanie! Wow our
lessons just get more and more interesting. But anywho! They are
always fun and we laugh a lot! We went tracting after! We ate with the
Lemons and it was delicious! It was a cornbread thing with chicken and
cheese! And THEN!!!! Cookie dough Klondike bar!!! Hello what genius
that invented that stuff! Who ever thought of cookie dough was
inspired to do that for me! Ok anyways moving on! After we had a
lesson with Ashlee and Andy! We ended the night seeing our neighbor
John! Wow... Interesting ideas and..... Happenings that he believes
but to each their own! He has a lot of questions for us though and we
couldn't go in because we can't go inside with a single man so he
asked us to come back next week with someone so he can ask us

Friday... So we had our appointment fall through this morning so we
went to the church and I started MyPlan! Which you do the last 6 weeks
of your mission!! It doesn't even feel for real! I think it's just a
joke! Hello weekly planning, there may or may not be a count down for
when I plan for the last time every 30 minutes of each day!
Hallelujah!!! But it's great because I don't have to think about what
I'm going to do each day so it really is a blessing! So after we did
service with Casey! We then had dinner at the Norris's! We then put in
to action 'operation find Bobbie' and we did find out he is in another
hospital over in Jacksonville! We then had a small game of fugitive
with Brian where he hid and we tried to find him to help him with
something but.... He won this round but not for long! We then had
nothin better to do then to knock some doors at 8:40! But wow miracle,
we knocked a former and MIRACLE! She didn't think we were crazy and
said we could come back!

Saturday... This morning we did service for Sister Kohler! She wanted
us to trim her hedges! Hmm... It's weird mom sent me the picture of
that bird and hair joke because. Those hedges looked about the same!
There isn't much left but... On a positive note they won't have to be
trimmed for a really really REALLY long time! Also Heavenly Father
blessed us and Jessie McGill pulled up so we were able to talk to him!
Yay! After we went to rinse off because.. I've never been allergic to
poison ivy before but better safe than sorry! We rewarded our job well
done with..... Smoothies! Ha none of y'all seen that coming! And
blessin!!! Anisha from Lake Butler called and she was in Orange Park
with Timber at the mall and wanted to see us! So we went wow
adventure! So I may or may not of parked on the opposite side of the
food court so we had to cut through the mall... I felt pretty apostate
so we walked fast! It was so good to see her! We walked around the
outside of the mall on the way back! We had an appointment fall
through so we went tracting! We saw the Crank's then went to dinner
with the Jolley's! We tried a couple people after then went to the
Lotts with Casey!

Sunday... Today Joe was at church! It was great! After we had a lesson
with Joe and sister Smith and her 2 girls stayed and Mairyn! It was
good! Sister Crews picked us up after to go see the Lehmans! We got to
meet her son John! Wow it was a party all kinds of people showed up!
Rich's daughter came and her 3 kids and they all sat in for the
lesson! It was awesome!!!! We then went to see why Burt wasn't at
church today! After Sister Crews dropped us off at the church! We
biked like hard core Harley riders to the Smiths for dinner! It was so
good! I love the Smith family! We then biked and talked to people on
the streets! We ended the night seeing Mrs Charlotte Batten! Ahh I
love that lady!!! We also got to meet her daughter Cindy and
granddaughter Katie! They are so awesome! We then raced like a pine
wood derby cart home!

Today!!! YAY!!! I get to talk to all my beautiful friends and family!
We went shopping at Ross again, someone just take my debit card away!
But the 2 shirts were cute ok and my straightener at home is broke and
my companion now has one that is so small you can basically only use
it for straightening your finger hair! Ain't nobody got time for that!
So they had a great deal on one! So I got it!!!!

I love this gospel! I know it is truly Christ church and this is His
work! I'm so excited to be a part of it and to still have 5 weeks left
to testify of Jesus Christ everyday! That He is the son of God and
Savior of the world and only through Him can we make it back! Hope
ya'll have a great week and ready your scriptures! They'll make it

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Anisha!!! Yay!!!

2. I love this quote!!!

3. Us... In our new pants! So comfy!

Monday, September 5, 2016

OP is the place to be!!!!!

Monday... After pday we had dinner with the Evans! They drive us to
our appointment with Shanequa after! It was great! We walked home
after and talked to people on the street.

Tuesday... We played frogged this morning for exercise. We jogged to
the church to get our bikes that we'd left there yesterday. Blanding
is the worst in the morning because ain't nobody got time for
stopping! But we made it out alive! We did service at the clothes
closet and decided to walk home and try people along the way and talk
to people who were out. I don't know if ya'll remember Chris and Jenn!
But we stopped by there. They are moving on Friday! But we had a nice
brief visit with Jenn! After.. Ya'll will never believe who I saw on
the street.... Justin, the homeless guy Sister Brian and I taught! It
was so good to see he was still alive! Casey came to our rescue and picked us up
to take us to lunch! After we finished studies. Britani came out with
us after to try Jermaine but... Awkward a lady answered the door and
said he'd be back in 10 minutes and then no one ever came back! We
went to Sonic after to get a drink for dinner! Britani took us to the
Smiths house! Sister Smith came out with us to see the McGill family!
It was a great lesson! They are so great! After we went to see Burt.
We had a good actually serious lesson with him. It was good!

Wednesday... We had district meeting and after we did service for
Casey! We all went and cleaned the back yard! And I got to leaf blow
the roof! We then biked and tried a lady that said we could come back!
We helped her trim up her bushes. Turns out she wasn't interested but
we had a good discussion! We had a lesson after with Glen, then biked
home for supper! As we were coming in our neighbor asked us when we
could come by so he could pray with us. So after dinner we went by. We
then went tracting and miracle, 100% of the people we talked to said
we could come back! Granted it was only 2 answered but none the less it was
a miracle! So we got slurpees to celebrate as we walked to the church
for Ward correlation!

Thursday... This morning we had a lesson with Kristen! After we went
to see Peggy Kohler! She is a hoot! we stopped at Frank's after. We
then went tracting!! Yay.... So we didn't meet anyone but then on the
way home we did... Yay!!!! After we had dinner at the Talbots! We then
were asked to come in for the night! For all concerned the weather
wasn't bad. Just some rain and little wind!

Friday... Today we had weekly planning! After, miracle!!!! We were
biking out and we met a family in our complex that wants to learn
about the gospel!!!! Yay! We are seeing them Tuesday night! We then
visited an awesome LA! We then had dinner at Casey's and she made us
Mexican street corn!!! Yay!!! It was so good!!! She's so great!!!
After we saw Brian! Then... Uh... We lost Bobbie.... We have no idea
where he is... We went and looked at the hospital and uh.. He gone! So
yeah! We then went to see Lisa! We had a good visit!

Saturday... This morning we had a lesson with a gator! Then we jumped
on our steel steeds and galloped towards the nursing home to see
Sister Puckett! We met a man on the way who wants to learn about the
church! We then saw Sister Puckett and had a good lesson! As we were
teaching out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing something and I
looked and... Surprise snake!!! So I calmly told her and moved her
then rushed it off. After we went and ate at Texas Roadhouse! We had a
phone lesson with Joe. We then biked like the wind through the rain
and miracle we met Ashlee and Andy as they got back from the temple.
So we taught them a lesson! After we biked and knocked doors in a
light drizzle! We then had a lesson with the Cranks! They are so kind
and drove us home in their Tundra! Sister Crews picked us up and we
had a lesson with the Lotts! Yay!!! After we had transfer call and I
get to stay in Orange Park for my last transfer, and Sister Bedwell
and I are staying together yay!

Sunday... Ok so Joe and Burt came and then..... GUESS WHAT?!?!?! Ah
WHERE!!!!!! For those who don't remember she was in Ocala with me and
she moved to Colorado! Someone ask me if I was excited!!! Ah I just
love her so much! And Jordan! Ah I've missed her so much!! Anywho!
After church Sister Crews stayed with us for the lesson with Joe.
After we contacted a referral. He was so.. Confusing, he would agree
then he wouldn't agree. You can't say Christ called and authorized
people in the Bible then say anyone who wants to can do it today and
then say He is the same yesterday today and forever. Anyways! After we
went to Caseys for our lunch/dinner! We made cookies :)! And put
cookie dough on top of cookies yay!!! After we tried to see some
potentials. We ended the night at the Lehmans!

Monday... And today had been great! We had the stake family fun day!
It was so great! So many people were here and I've seen SO MANY of my
friends from Flemming island!!!! Yay!!!!!

This week was grand and I'm excited to spend the next 6 weeks in
Orange Park! Miracles are coming! Also I had an ah ha moment this
week! So most people use the lame excuses of not having time to read
scriptures. So I was thinking about the busiest day ever and you go
out to the mailbox and surprise there is a letter directly from God.
Would you make time to read it that day or would you be to tired or
find a different time? No you would make time and that is exactly what
the scriptures are. They are written for us by inspired men of God!
Don't forget to read your scriptures! Love ya'll!!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission



Just brushing the roof

Monday, August 29, 2016

BLESSINS all around 😃🚴🏻💛

Wow this week was full of miracles! I just love Orange Park and I love
my mission. To be able to witness first hand the miracles of the Lord.
I love the spirit and the promptings that we receive so that the Lord
can use us in this great work, to be His hands on earth! But wow what
a crazy week it has been!

Monday... After Pday was over we went to the Smith's for dinner! It
was so good! I just love that family!!! After we tried contacting a
referral. We ended the night seeing Shanequa! We had a good visit!

Tuesday... This morning we had interviews! They were great! The Lee's
are great. We also had trainings on helmets... Everyone kept
looking at me! I guess cause they're jealous of my helmet so I'll
leave it behind in October so sokmeone else can wear it! Anywho's... We found
out what the Lee's had packed themselves for lunch and uh... Yeah we
weren't having it so Sister Rigby and I went to get them Panera. We of
course got ourselves some too! After we delivered theirs we went with
the rest of the missionaries to eat at Zaxby's. After we did service
in a school garden. I had memories of the good ol community garden
back home! Good times, I'll just say ours raised beds didn't have so
many weeds! We tried to chase down a snake but he got away, lucky for
you Dacia! After we had a trade off with the Normandy sisters! This
time I stayed in Orange Park with Sister Smith. We had to run the
Oakleaf sisters out to their place. Since we were out there... We went
to Bruster's to get ice cream to celebrate Sister Smith's year mark!!!
After we tried a referral then went to correlation at Britani and
Cliffs house! We also had supper there! Britani came out with us for
the rest of the night because she is awesome! We saw Burt and also
Bobbie!  Sister Smith is great!

Wednesday... We had district meeting today. I know what all you RM's
are thinking, weird.. Same week as interviews, but yeah it happened!
After we got Chick-Fil-A!!!! Mmmmm!!!!! We then went to trade off with
the sisters! Sister Bedwell and I then stopped briefly by the
apartment for her to grab another outfit and met the Whitehouse
Sisters at the church to do a trade off! Sister Rigby and I stayed in
OP!! It was grand. We did a golden hour of trying to contact the
referrals we have! It was good we laughed the whole time and we think
we got plunked by a LA... This lady came out and we asked for Alisha
and she pointed at a house and said she lived there so we went and
knocked but the guy said no Alisha lives there... Smooth move! LA=1
Missionaries=0!!! Why can't people just be honest I mean seriously!
Anyways... We then went back to see Sam who Sister Bedwell and I met
on Sunday and are ya'll ready for this...... He read everything we'd
asked him to read and some... NO ONE DOES THAT!!! Ah it was beautiful!
I told him I didn't know what to do from there because no one ever
reads. He said he'd enjoyed it and it made sense and it goes with the
Bible... Hmm... Imagine that! We aren't the only ones that realize
that!!! The Book of Mormon and Bible together provide a better and
even deeper understanding and relationship with our Savior and Father
in Heaven! After we had dinner with the Malcolms! We then finally
caught a less active at home and had a good lesson with him. We ended
the night seeing Bobbie again!

Thursday!!!!!!!! So miracle of my mission happen today and it was
amazing to see how the Lord is truly in charge  of His work and it
will continue to go forward whether people are on board or not! Truth
is truth whether people choose to believe it or not! So this day! We
go try Frank who we used to teach. He was excited we were back but
asked if we could come back in 30 minutes. So I was like hey lets go
try Blair. She is someone I used to visit and long story short about
the past. I visited her off and on when I was here before and crazy
things happened but they weren't very interested but was fine with us
coming by. She hadn't been to our church since she was a teenager. So
we go knock on the door and.... Her face was surprise/shock/excitement!
She gave me a huge hug and said I would not
believe what all had happened in the last few months since I had been
gone. She said she couldn't tell us everything right then because she
had to go pick up her daughter for school and she had just stopped by
her house to use the bathroom. She did say she had started working for
LuLaRue which is a LDS company that makes modest dresses for women.
She talked about the values of the company and told us just a lot had
happened. She said us being on her door step was a miracle and an
answer to a prayer. She said she was going to contact the church to
try to find where I was serving and she couldn't wait to tell her
husband who showed up at there door. She told us he had been asking a
lot of questions and she wanted us to come back and sit down in their
home to teach them about the gospel! MIRACLE!!!!! So we are going back
tomorrow night. I'm excited to hear about the last 6 months and see
what all has happened! Wow! Can't wait for "the rest of the story"
(Paul Harvey emoji)! So that is why I'm back in Orange Park! Because
all information was gone on them and no one else knew about them
except me and my companions at the time! Anyways rest of the day! We
got Panera again and talked to Casey at the church and saw Sister
Brian!!! Yay!!! We traded back after! We did district service for a
member in Oakleaf Ward! After we contacted a referral! She was great!
We had dinner with the Hills and guess what Sister Hill gave me.... 2
of the Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles!! Could this day get any
better?!?! Our appointment after fell through so we stopped by to
talked to Sister Smith, aka the relief society teacher but she wasn't
home. We ended the night seeing the Evans!

Friday... SURPRISE guess who got to go to MLC?!?! Me!!! And guess who
was there to speak to us??? Elder Klebingat! He is in the 1st quorum
of the 70 and gave one of my favorite conference talks in October of
2014 'Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence'! Dacia remember
that talk, we both talked about it after we watched together with the
Bingham's in the tabernacle!!! Anyways, good times!!! So MLC was
awesome! We learned good stuff! After we met back up with our
companions and Sister Bedwell and I went to dinner at the Dicarlos!
She made us homemade pizza! It was great! After we tried a referral
and was able to set up a return appointment. We then had an
appointment at the church and Britani came with us. It fell through so
we went to try more referrals! One wasn't home but we talked to a man
outside. It was an interesting conversation and he talked about how
happy we were and he could never be that happy. Then we tried another
one and she wasn't there but the man that answered the door was
interested in learning more! We then went back to the church and had a
great lesson with Ashlee and Andy!

Saturday... Today we didn't have many set lessons but boy didn't it
turn out to be a productive day! So!!! We started out the day by
buying Casey a birthday cupcake from DQ and singing her the birthday
rap we had made for her but forgot to rap to her. Anyone wonder,
kazoos and rapping DO NOT go together. But anyways... After we tried a
referral and ended up knocking the road. We met an old investigator
named Jeff. He said he was taught about a year ago. But he wasn't
interested. We met one man that had the prettiest Great Dane ever! And
while we were talking the dog ran off so we awkwardly followed him
around the subdivision while he chased his dog! All is well the dog is
safe and yeah guy isn't interested!!! We did talk to a guy working on
his truck and he let us share the whole restoration! It was grand!!!
After we went to try a potential and BLESSIN!!! She was home! And let
us teach her the whole restoration and set up a return appointment! We
contacted a referral after and taught him but he's not interested! We
then visited a recent convert! After we raced the bishop to his house
for dinner! We had a great dinner. After we went to see the Cranks.
And ended the night with my favorite Mrs. Batten!!!

Sunday... Today was grand!!! Joe and Burt were at church and Sister
Batten came! Yay!!! AND!!!!! Nancy and Wayne Walker came to see me!!!
Ahh they are so great! Since the boundary change they are in the
Flemming Island 2nd Ward now! After church we had a lesson with Joe.
We had lunch at the Buchmans! We finished studies! Then walked to meet
the Malcolms to ride to dinner. We met a guy along the way and taught
him. He wanted a Book of Mormon! We had dinner at the La Fontaine's!
They are so great! Sister La Fontaine is Navajo! It is the best! She
made Navajo tacos!! Wendy Smith picked us up from there and we went to
visit a LA! We ended the night at the Lehmans!

Monday... And today we are the church! We are going to have district
pday. We are doing a lot of companionship against companionship games.
Like 3 legged race, wheel barrel race and so on... So Sister Bedwell
and I are going to dominate or die but either way it should be fun!!!!

I love the gospel and I am so thankful for it! Hope ya'll have a great
week! Thanks for all ya'll do! Remember to read your scriptures!!!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. District service

2. Sister Smith and I

3. Nancy, Wayne, and I :)!!!

4. My sister trying to make me jealous!!! Ain't she so cute!!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

BLESSINS all around 😃🚴🏻💛

Hello my beautiful friends and family!!! This week was great! So....

Monday... After pday we had dinner with the Hendrix! Then after for
the cotton candy on top Sister Hendrix came out with us and we went to
see Dalton. We had a really good lesson with him and he talked about
how he wants to get closer to God! It was great!!! After we called Joe
and had a phone lesson with him!

Tuesday... This morning we did service at the Clothes Closet. After we
went to see Kristen! However first day of school so she forgot but
after we left she texted and asked us to come back at 7! So wow
blessing we went and knocked doors and we met an awesome lady named
Teryann. She is so great. She kind of gave up on religion but she said
she would try it again. We met another nice guy we talked to but
wasn't super interested. We went and saw a LA! We caught her at home!
Yay! Miracles are all around! After we saw Sis Kohler too! A member
brought us dinner and after we had a split! I went with sister Jensen
to see Kristen! Wow we had a great lesson! And she is cutting back on
smoking!!! Blessin!!!!

Wednesday... This morning we had zone conference! It was so great! I
love the Lee's! They are so fun! At lunch President Lee and I had a
basketball shoot out. It was so fun! Except weird because everyone was
watching! And do ya'll want to hear something completely CRAZY.......
I had to give my departing testimony. Can ya'll believe that....
Because I most definitely cannot... After I had a trade off with
Sister Koener (despite what you might think her name is pronounced
'Cane-Er'!)! Wow she is a trooper! She has only been out 3 weeks and
has been in full car but she was so great on bikes! We biked like the
wind to our dinner appointment! After we headed to meet Casey and
would you believe all of the people that were on the streets to talk
to. So I was like ok we'll give cards and carry on! Would you believe,
one lady we said we would love to share more with you sometime is
there a good time. She said yeah right now... Of course now is when we
are late. Good thing we've been doing 3 minute restorations so bam!
She said she knew we met for a reason. We didn't get a return
appointment though. After we met Casey to pick up dalton for church
and uh... He didn't come he was a sleep. So she went to church and we
went knocking! It was good! We met one nice lady that said we could
come back! After we went to the church for Ward correlation!

Thursday... This morning Ashlee Buchman took us to lunch and after she
went tracting with us. We went and saw a potential, Russ. He has
some.... Interesting beliefs about God and Christ. He just believes
Christ was a prophet and a good person.... I love being able to stand
up for my Savior and bear testimony of Him every day! It's like my
mission scripture Galatians 2:20, I'm so thankful to have to
opportunity to give back to my Savior and live for Him! We met another
lady that said we could come back sometime. After we went to the
apartment and traded back WIH the other sisters. Sis Bedwell and I
called a la to see if we could come see her. She'd had a hard day and
wanted so we stopped at DQ and got here some, then biked there and...
BLESSIN!!! It wasn't that melted!!! After we took the long ways around
and up the only hill in Jacksonville to our lesson with Ryane! But the
lesson was great and SURPRISE there was an easier way to get there...
Oh wells, next time!!!! After we rode like bandits (good bandits of
course) to the Norris's! We had dinner there and then we went to see
Stefanie! We had a great lesson with here. Then we biked back to the
church for a lesson with Ashlee!!! Yay!!!!

Friday... This morning we had a lunch with Britani After trying
Kristen but something came up so we rescheduled for 4! After lunch we
did weekly planning! We went back to see Kristen after and had a great
lesson! We had supper with Sister James, who is from Tennessee!! Casey
came out with us after and we saw Burt and talked about baptism! He
told us he knows it's true! After we contacted a referral who wanted a
Bible! Then we of course got ice cream!!!

Saturday... This morning before studies we traded off with Whitehouse.
I did a trade off for Sister Webb. She is great! We tried people the
bishop wanted us too and then biked to the Nortons! We had lunch with
them and then did service and helped organize their garage! We then
biked down good ol Plainfield to try another person the bishop wanted
us too but the house was empty! We then biked to see Sister Puckett!
While we were there Frederick called and asked if we could meet at 4!
We also met a member from Palatka who gave us a referral! RAININ
MIRACLES!!!! After we shared a thoughts with Sister Puckett, we went
to meet Frederick. He said every since he met us the other day he said
the Spirit told him it was true and he wants to be a part of it. Uh
what? BLESSIN, that's what!!! When we taught about the priesthood he
said well I guess ya'll need to baptize me. I guess so!!!! So we set a
date for September 17! But he's moving to Jacksonville in a few
weeks... Good.. Good good.... But hey the church is true no matter
where you go in the world so blessing!!! After Sister Mandel picked us
up for dinner and another miracle they had a nonmember friend over who
we were able to teach! Then Sister Smith picked us up from there and
we went to see the Cranks. We ended the night at Charlotte Battens! I
love that lady! She had us a treat.... Cheesecake 😳 and butter pecan
ice cream 😃!!!!

Today was mighty fine!! Joe and Burt were at church! After we had a
lesson with Joe and then headed to Caseys for a party lunch! The food
wasn't quite ready so we went to try people close by! After we came
back and partied! We then went and tried a referral and knock doors
and we met 3 people who said we could come back! Yeah!!!!! After we
met Sister Crews and Smith at the church for a split! I went with
Sister Crews to see Burt! And miracle, he is praying/thinking about
September 10!!!!

And today we partied it up with Kristy and Casey today!!! We did our
shopping and then we headed to Jacksonville! We went on a... As Casey
calls it "a food crawl". So we went to Lola's and ate some amazing
Mexican street corn! Wow it was so good!!! And some amazing chicken
tacos!!! Then the next 2 places were closed... But we went to Caseys
favorite food truck! Then ended at a dessert store!!! Hello Orange
Park I love you but stop trying to make eat all this delicious
food!!!! Rest of the day we are just at the gym!!

Ahh this week was so great! I love serving my Heavenly Father and
watching the miracles unfold! He is truly in charge!!! Don't forget to
read the scriptures!!! Love ya'll!!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Can you believe we have been out for 16 months... Wahhhh

2. Zone conference

3-4. President and I and our shoot off

5. Sister Koener and I

6. Sister Webb, Frederick and I

7. Food truck!

Monday, August 15, 2016

🚙😜👗📚💒🏀 and that describes my week

So.... I forgot my calendar thing at home again so... We'll just go with it!

Monday...  So after zone pday ya'll better believe we went to the
Gentle/Gullet resident at 5 and then had dinner at 6! The Culler
family was there too! It was a party! I just love those families!
Ashley Crews came out with us for the night. We had a lesson with
Kristen and it was really good! But Jaden was sick so it was brief.
After we tracted some and Ashley was a champ. We met a man that told
us we could come back but he had a religion so... We'll take it!!!
After we went to try potentials and less actives and though they
weren't home we had a party dodging lasers ok it was really just water
sprinkler system but it was intense!

Tuesday... So this morning we went to do service at the clothes
closet! After we got a new bike rack... Yay! It is the best! Out other
one was special because someone had rear ended our car a few months
back! After we tracted and we met a hateful Catholic! But we moved to
a different neighborhood and met a nice group of people that said we
could come back. After we tried formers and referrals. Well we met
Dalton and he is still interested in learning more! Yay! So we taught
him and set up a time to come see him on Monday evening! After we went
and met the Evans at Golden Corral for supper! Hello cotton candy! I
love that stuff! That night Casey came out with us from 7-8 and then
we went on a split and Casey and I went to see the Lotts! It was
really good! Sister Bedwell went out with Sister Evans!

Wednesday... We had district meeting. After I had a trade off with
Sister Elwood in Oakleaf! It was a party haha!!! We biked to the
Culler's to take something back :)!!! After we tried a lot of
potentials then we went knocking on none other than... Horseshoe
Trails! That blessed place!!! We did meet one lady that said we could
come back yeah!!! After we biked to dinner and we ate with the Gunns
and... GUESS WHAT!!! So we were eating and through talking I found out
they had a daughter serving in Japan and I was like wow a guy from my
Ward I grew up in is serving Japan. After they asked me his name and I
was like Elder Pennington and they said NO WAY.... Penny is in our
sisters district... Say what?! Apparently they call him Penny fondly
haha! But what are the odds!!! So after we were biking to an
appointment and decided to see if Kristy wanted to come with us and
BLESSIN she wanted to come. So we biked to the apartment and met her
there. We were able to contact a part member family! We ended the
night with a little Bruster's!!!

Thursday.... Ok I don't know if ya'll remember Sister Suechen Smith. I
tried her like 500 times during my last time in OP... Well, we saw her!
Blessin! And she let us have some of her blown glass animals! I got
some horses! And we picked out 2 birds for Kristy and Casey! So we
then headed over to Kristy's for lunch with her and Casey! After
Kristy drove us home to meet the sisters! Sister Bedwell and I came
back to Orange Park. We tried a guy who said we could come back then
went to see Kristen! We had a great lesson and were able to set a
baptismal date! After we had a lesson with a referral from the elders
and it was awesome! She has a baptismal date too! But sad story she
actually lives out of our area but we teach her at her brothers which is in
our area! Lame! After we had dinner at the Mandels! We then walked
down to see Michael! We were able to talk to him and set up an
appointment. And.. Yours truly totally wrote his number down
completely wrong but all is well now!!! We then ended the night with a
lesson with Ashlee at the church!

Friday... This morning we did weekly planning! We had a lesson with a
lady, Gwenn, that the elders had stopped teaching. Wow it was SO
awesome!! We are now Sister G and B! After we did service for the
Nortons! Blessin from heaven! We planted a tree and dug up some dirt
and filled it into a hole and then we laid mulch! It was good!
Physical labor is good! After we went to dinner! We did another split
after. I was with Britani Gerald! We tried potentials and la's but
they weren't home. We did get to talk to a lady in the parking lot.
After we had a lesson with the Nortons! It was really good! Sister
Bedwell was with Sister Smith!

Saturday... This morning we went to see Sister Puckett! And after we
picked up the Oakleaf sisters for district service. We helped with the
big clothes closet yard sale they do once a year. And funny story I
helped with it last year! And this year BLESSIN... I found a tennis
racket for free yeah!!! Sister Bedwell and I have been playin! Wow we
stink but... But we are getting better... And now I have a real racket
so... Blessin!!!! After we had supper! They we went to do some
contacting referrals! Well we saw the guy from Monday night! We were
able to teach him. After MIRACLE!!!! We were driving by Charlotte
Batten's street and I noticed her car trunk was up so we swerved up
there! So we then were able to see her I walk in and she says "OH
SWEET BABY YOU GET OVER HERE!" She then hug me and shook me back and
forth haha! I just love her! After we went and saw the Lotts!

Sunday... Today was great! Burt, Joe, Sister Norton, and Sue LeBlanc
all came to church! After we had a lesson win Joe and Britani came
with us! It was awesome! After we had lunch with the Buchman's! I just
love that family! After we finished studies! We then went tracting and
then had a lesson with the Lehmans! We ended the night having a late
dinner with Briana and her nonmember friend! It was good!

Monday... Today we played basketball, Sister Dahle and I with Kristy
and Casey it was a party! Our companions went to get their haircut and to
clean the car for zone conference is Wednesday! It's been good!

This week I was reading about idolatry and how prevalent it is today.
So it talked about how idolatry is anytime you put something before
God. So Sunday's when we decide to boat or do sports or anything else
and decide to do that over church. That is choosing it over God which
is like idolatry because it means more to you. I'd never thought of it
like that but it's true. Like the quote I sent home, "if we choose
Christ we will have made the right choice!" May we "choose the harder
right than the easier wrong"! Love ya'll and hope you have a great
week! Hope you're still reading everyday!!!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. Casey and I

2. Sister Elwood and I

3. Glass animals!

Monday, August 8, 2016

August Showers=Missionary swimmin!!!!

Ya'lls prayers have been answered! I was so blessed this week! It's
been so dry in Orange Park a lot of the grass is dead... Well not this
week! We biked all week and we got rained on so much, Blessin!!!! So
this week!!!!

Tuesday.... This morning we had district service! It was fun! We
painted someone's porch and I helped lay some pavers! After we came
home to finish studies. After we got a milkshake from Zaxby's because
everybody got time for a birthday cake milkshake!!! After we biked to
the Evans we had a good lesson with them. Sister Bedwell didn't want
to bike home and wanted to go to Waffle House... Jimmy junior in the
making... As we were leaving Waffle House it became a down pour and we
got soaked but it was so fun! I love the rain! We tried a few people
who weren't home. We biked home and dried off and changed before going
out with Sister Jensen. We went to see Burt! He is crazy and tries to
give you everything in his house. But we had a good lesson! After we
went to see a youth that isn't able to make it to church much! Then
Sister Jensen took us to Dairy Queen... I'm determined not to let
Orange Park make me gain weight haha! Today=fail!!!!

Wednesday.... This morning we had district meeting and district lunch
after at cici's! We then biked to see Kristen. I used to work with her
when I was here before and the elders said she was having a hard time
and it would be good for me to go see her. So on our way we met Amy!
She was interested in learning more and lives close to Kristen.
Blessin!!! After we went to see Kristen. She came out and hugged me
and started crying. She said it was perfect timing! We had a good
lesson with her and set up a time to come back and do some service
this Saturday. After we stopped by Sister Kohlers and were able to
share a message with her and set a return appointment! We then biked
to the Smith's! Once again it became a down pour and we were soaked
when we got there. They gave us some clothes and threw ours in the
dryer! I love the Smith family! They are so amazing!! So weird...
Sister Smith served us a salad with chicken and some wraps but she had
it all sitting on hot pads haha! It was so the table didn't get
scratched!! Probably best if I'm sitting there! After it was still
raining so they drove us to the church with our bikes. We tried
calling people until correlation!

Thursday.... This morning we did service at the Clothes Closet! After
we went and knocked some doors with no luck! We did service for the
Mandel's! We painted and yeah.... I'll have to go get me new BYU Idaho
shorts cause uh... Yikes!!!! Ok anyways!! So they ordered us dinner
and it was going to take a little bit so we went out to knock again!
We met 2 people who wanted to learn about the church. One was an
awesome lady named Bertha! And her husband... Wow can anyone say buff
because I certainly can.... He sat on the ground and then climbed up a
rope about 20ft using only his arms... What on earth.... After we had
dinner with the Mandel's. It was good! After we biked to the church to
have a lesson Andy and Ashlee!

Friday.... Today we had weekly planning! After we biked to the Mitte's
to park our bikes and knock. We stopped to tell them and it started
pouring so we shared a message with them and asked for referrals! We
then went knocking and..... It's the closest I've ever been to be
struck by lightening. The light wasn't even gone before the thunder
boomed.... It was insane... But WE'RE ALIVE, YAY!!!!!! The next door
Sister Bedwell was so worked up still that she rang the doorbell like
5 times... Luckily the lady was nice and... Wow now I know her whole
life! After we met a guy name Joe. He was so nice but.... A little
different but!!! Blessin he wants to meet with us again! We then biked
to Caseys for dinner! After we biked like the wind to the other part
of town for a lesson with the Cranks! They drove us to the Nortons in
their truck and after we biked home! Good memories!!!

*** ok so because of crazy circumstances.... We have 1 STL now and so
Sister Hudson (who I came out with and was an STL once too) and I were
asked to be "assistant STLs" to help sister Rigby with trade offs
so.... I have 5 trade offs to go on... You thought I was done with
trade offs, me too... Sike! But I'm excited it'll be fun!!!! Party!!!

Saturday.... So this morning we were biking to see... STEFANIE!!!!!
But on the way we met Fredrick!!! He is awesome and just got to the
country last week and is interested in learning more so we set up an
appointment Monday night! We then went to see Stefanie! I miss her so
much! She is doing great! After we biked to see Kristen and do
service. We helped her in her house. After we had a lesson and
committed her to baptism and... And she said yes!!! It was great! We
then jumped on our trusty steeds and galloped to meet Sis Mandel at
the nursing home to visit Sister Puckett! After we raced Sister Mandel
in her van to Zaxby's she bought us our dinner. She was leaving but we
stayed to eat... Zaxbys was having interviews and as I was sitting
down Sister Bedwell points outside and I look and Sister Mandel is out
there tying a tie around some random guys neck... As he stood their
awkwardly, it was so funny! She is so awesome and so giving... Her
name should always be associated with charity! After we finished
dinner we had a golden hour with no luck! After we had a lesson with a
recent convert at the church!

Sunday... Today was grand! We had Burt at church and 2 other non
members! And Sue came back!!! Yay!!! After church we had the break the
fast. Well I was over by the door, low and behold... In walks Joe, who
we met Friday. He was an hour early and at the wrong meeting place but
wow blessing we had a whole gym of members to pick from to come to a
lesson haha! Sister Gerald (Nina) came with us... Wow most interesting
lesson of my life and.... Wow I've never had to tie such random things
back into the gospel before! But we did it and he was like I want to
be a part of this I want to be a part of this church. So we set a
baptism date! It was awesome!!! After we came home finished studies
then went to contact referrals! We met family members of the people and
set up return appointments! We had dinner with the Crews! I love the
Crews family!!! We ended the night with the Lehmans!!!

And today we are having zone pday at Adventure Landing! It has laser
tag and miniature golf! It'll be fun! Then tonight we have dinner with
Casey and a lesson with Kristen and Fredrick! It'll be good!

Thank ya'll for everything! I'm so thankful to be serving my Savior
and declaring His gospel to those around me. It's amazing to witness
the change in people first hand as they accept Christ and move closer
to Him! Don't think I've forgot about the scripture reading and I hope
ya'll are all still reading everyday! Even if I don't know if y'all
are or not Heavenly Father does and that's who matters! I hope ya'll
have a great week and find strength in the scriptures! Don't
underestimate the power they can have in your life!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

So apparently I didn't take many photos this week but uh.. This is
from service!

And our lunch

Monday, August 1, 2016

What up OP?! 💛💜💚

This week has been so crazy. I cannot believe I am back in Orange Park
but it is so great! I'm so excited to be here and I love the people
here so much! The boundaries of the Ward has changed so some of my
favorite people aren't in it any more but I get to see them on pday and
church sometimes! So...

Monday... After pday we had dinner with the Dang family! They are so
awesome and made some awesome fried rice! Oh it was so good!
Blessin!!! Sister Dang wouldn't rap for us but whatever! After we went
to see Shirley, she is so sweet! It was sad to say bye to her! One day
she'll come around. After we went to see Elaine briefly and set up an
appointment to come by tomorrow!

Tuesday... This morning we went to see those 2 girls but... Their
grandma said they weren't interested so... But that's ok, they know
some more truth. After we went to see Gail. We had lunch with Sister
Wiggins and Sister Erin. It was great. We did service for Sister
Jenny! She is great! She gave me a dress of hers that I had commented
on! We saw Marla after! We then had supper. We went to see Elaine and
ended the night at Sandra and Rusty Wades! They are awesome. He made
some cookies that were so good!  They also bought me a gator shirt...

Wednesday... Sister Broderick wasn't feeling well so we went to a Care
Spot in Orange Park. After we met with Sister England, Kyrsten, Sarah,
Casey, Sister Malm, Sister McGregor, Sister Gibb, Sister Randle, and
Sister Broderick. It was great. We ate at Chili's. It was so good to
see Sister Malm! I cannot believe she goes home tomorrow! I'm so
grateful for her. She is an awesome missionary and I learned so much
from her. After we went to transfers and Casey took us home :)!!! We
stopped by the Buchman's! After we went emergency shopping! We went to
see Nritani cause she's awesome and... (She's right beside me and she
says I never put her in my email) We had a set appointment with
Sherry, who is a lady they found last week. After we saw the
Lehman's!! Ahh they are so awesome!!!! We had dinner with Casey! Which
was crazy because a year ago this month I first came to orange park
and ate dinner with Casey! BLESSIN!!! Except this time I didn't eat a
giant burrito to prove a gator fan wrong! Double Blessin!!!! AND
TRIPLE BLESSIN, Kristy was there! Ahh!!! And quadruple Blessin, Casey
had her chiropractor friend there and she realigned my back. Oh it was
glorious!!! Who knew I could pop so much! After we went to
correlation. Cliff Gerald is our ward mission leader!

Thursday.... We went to see Burt this morning and..... He said maybe
to baptism... What?!?!?! Oh Burton!!!! After we had an appointment
with 2 sons of a less active! After we went and did service for the
Norris's! She wasn't feeling well so we helped her in her house! We
went to dinner after at Texas Roadhouse with Britani! It was great!
After we stopped by a recent converts. We ended the night seeing the
Ashlee at the church. Another recent convert!

Friday... Today we did weekly planning! After we had to go out and get
something from the sisters in Oakleaf! We stopped by Christina and
Merediths to invite them to basketball Monday! After we did some
service for Casey and went to pick up some stuff she got from the
store for Sister Bedwell. We had dinner with them too. We took a
children's Book of Mormon to a family.

Saturday.... This morning we went to see Sister Puckett she is an
awesome member in the nursing home here. We went tracting after and
didn't have any luck. We didn't find anyone who was interested but
after we saw the Nortons! They are doing good but got rid of a lot of
there toys. They still have the truck and that's what matters :)!!!
After we went to see Sue, but her apartment was empty. We called her,
she has moved to Jacksonville but she said she'd come to church to see
me on Sunday!! After we saw the Hendrix. They are a part member family
and had dinner with them. We saw the Cranks after! The mom recently
got baptized! After we saw Bobby and Robert they are recent converts

Sunday! Church was great but weird cause I only knew half the people!
But it was so good to see everyone! Sue was there! She is so awesome!!
After we came home to study! Faye Mandel asked us to go visiting
teaching with her. We met Sister Todd. She was so nice. After Britani
picked us up for dinner. We put our bikes in the back of the van. We
had dinner at Bishop and Anina's with the whole Gerald family! It was
so awesome! After we biked to the Lehmans for a lesson! We are biking
rest of the week!

It so great be in Orange Park. Guess what we did today!!! Basketball!
Casey and Kristy decided to leave the state for my first pday.... No
big deal... But they will be back this week! Thanks for all ya'll do
for me and the support ya'll give me! Ya'll are the best!

Love always,
Sister Jaleta Grissom
Florida Jacksonville Mission

1. The Dang's

2. The Wade's

3. Elaine

4. Sister Malm

5. Basketball gang reunited :)!!! Missin Shanna, Bethany, Stefani, and Brittany